Change the way you print and post mail with our hybrid mail service UK

Suitable for businesses and organisations of all sizes, our hybrid mail service is available throughout the UK and will revolutionise the way you print, post and receive mail. Mail production, sending letters and sorting incoming post take up valuable time and cost significant amounts of money. PDM-Post is designed to cut the cost of mail handling whilst allowing your staff to get on with what they do best.

PDM Post – the hybrid mail solution from PDM

Using PDM Post will help your business or organisation save time, reduce printing and mail costs and improve efficiency. Here’s how PDM Post could help your business:

  • Staff productivity is increased thanks to the time saving benefits of PDM Post. Your incoming mail is sent to a secure PO Box address before being collected by us. Each letter is then scanned, ready to be downloaded into the software of your choice.
  • Incoming mail can be named and sorted and as required.
  • Outgoing letters can be uploaded individually or in bulk, with the option to send and post a letter or thousands.
  • Verification of posting is sent to you via our dedicated mail server, the PDM-Post portal.
  • You have full document control: the PDM-Post portal is secure and straightforward to use.
  • PDM-Mail will help you reduce costs and save money on ink and paper consumables, printing equipment and staff time.
  • Efficiency is improved as rather than spending time opening, filing and posting mail, your staff will be able to concentrate on more productive tasks.
  • Our outgoing mail service uses high quality stationery and to ensure brand consistency, your company logo, colours and branding are replicated exactly.
  • Last and by no means least, your carbon footprint is reduced.

The flexible hybrid mail service available UK wide

PDM-Post is fully flexible and can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business, and whether you’d like to use just one aspect of the service or both, we’d be delighted to help. To find out more about how PDM-Post could transform the way you run your business, get in touch by calling 01274 883459 or email