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PDM are leading professionals in Document Management.

Our services allow organisations like yours, to focus on the real issues and not on managing your paperwork mountain.

PDM offer a fast, efficient and highly cost effective solution for accessing, managing, protecting and sharing documents. We work with a real emphasis on security and confidentiality, which is why we’re trusted by clients across a range of professions, from those in the legal professions to accountancy firms, construction companies and those in the chemical industry.

From our document scanning service to our data capture and archive management, we’ve got a collection of secure and reliable solutions for your document archiving problems.

Because our online document archiving tools are able to integrate effectively with many other professional systems, such as accountancy modules such as Sage, as well as E-discovery and E-disclosure tools for solicitors, we can make life straightforward and save time for clients across a number of different disciplines. Preparing court bundles from captured data and archived documents is a speciality, and we can reproduce these in large volumes to the specifications of original bundles. We also offer PDM Post, our efficient hybrid mail service that bridges the gap between physical and digital mail. We’re proud to be able to provide these in very quick turnaround times for our clients when needed.

We can provide scanned documents in a variety of useful formats depending on your needs, taking the hassle out of document management. Our cloud based document archiving software is very secure and allows for those who you choose to have access to be able to access documents whenever and wherever they’re needed. For more information on our document scanning, data capture, digital document archiving or specialist document services contact our team.