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PDM Document Scanning – Manchester Area Covered

If you are looking for an efficient, reliable and cost effective way to get on top of paperwork and document management, at Professional Document Management we are the most experienced company providing services for document scanning Manchester has to offer.

Coping with large amounts of paper documentation and filing can be hugely stressful and very time consuming, leaving you feeling as though you have little time to get on with running your business or doing your job.

We offer quick and efficient services for document scanning Manchester wide and can return your paper documents to you in a wide variety of digital formats including TIFF, PDF and JPG.  We use sophisticated, high speed colour duplex scanners which have the capacity to scan over 100,000 pages per day, enabling us to return your documents to you in as short a time as possible.  We can scan a huge range of paper documents from postage stamp size up to A0, along with microfilm, microfiche and books.

Manchester Document Scanning

Once documents have been scanned and digitised, we can offer a range of data capture services, designed to efficiently capture data from electronic files.  Document referencing is carried out by our data keying bureau with the capability to extract data from documents with the very highest levels of accuracy and our operators can process hundreds and thousands of data fields per day.

Our OCR (optical character recognition) service can be used to accurately convert large volumes of paper information into a fully searchable form.  The files we can supply include MS Office, HTML, XML, PDF and spreadsheets.

In addition, our specialised PDF conversion service can be used toconvert documents into this popular file format which is widely used for publishing technical or highly structured information onto CD or DVD.

Our safe, highly efficient archive management can be used to convert digitized documents into a huge array of different media types.  Once the required data has been captured, we can return files to you in a multitude of different media types or via our HybridCloud File Server, ready for you to import into your own document management software.  Alternatively we can provide a range of software to manage your archive and our basic management software is provided free of charge, suitable for use across a network.

At Professional Document Management we understand the significant copying costs that many legal firms incur when copying legal documentation.  This is why we have developed our highly efficient and reliable legal copying service, designed to help legal firms minimise legal copying costs and make better use of staff time.  We are able to provide and complete and accurate record of copying costs, making it possible for you to recover these costs from your clients.   We understand the importance of a fast turnaround on the copying of legal documentation; our legal copying service provides a fast, efficient service for all legal documents including court bundles and conveyancing paperwork.

So rather than continuing to struggle with the management of your documents and paperwork, why not contact us for further details of our services?  Whether you are looking for a reliable and secure legal copying service or need help with archive management and document scanning Manchester based Professional Document Management can help you deal with your paperwork backlog once and for all.