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PDM- Legal Scanning Service

At Professional Document Management we have many years of experience in all areas of document management services including archive management, scanning services, data capture and legal copying services.

Legal scanning and copying are key services that we have offered for many years and our experience in this area has given as an understanding of the unrecovered copying costs faced by many law firms.  We know that many legal documents end up being unnecessarily reproduced, resulting in wasted resources, staff time and costs.

Professional Legal Scanning

Using our legal scanning and copying services is one of the best ways to help recover and quantify your copying costs, allowing you to accurately record and therefore recover the money spent on copying documents.

In addition, using our professional legal scanning and copying service allows your staff to concentrate on their roles and expertise, rather than spending valuable time and energy on paper management.

We understand that for our legal clients time means money which is why we take great pride in the speed, efficiency and accuracy and our legal scanning services.  We aim to offer a fast turnaround on the scanning or copying of all legal documentation, including conveyancing documents and court bundles.

At Professional Document Management we know that different clients have varying requirements which is why we offer a range of legal scanning and copying bundles.  Our most widely used bundle is the provision of documents in a digital PDF format, with the option of OCR (optical character recognition) allowing word and phrase searching capabilities within each file or across the whole bundle.

Individual files or the entire bundle can be paginated and electronic files can be provided on various encrypted media; the most common formats are CD, DVD or a memory stick/external drive.  We are also able to offer clients the option of receiving files via the internet, using our secure online HybridCloud File Server which provides safe multiple user and site access to the data bundle.

If you would prefer to receive documentation in the form of hard copy, we have a printing capacity to print over 35,000 documents per day and in addition can print glossy photos (including enlargements and reductions) and photos up to A0 size.  All hard copy documents are delivered punched, stapled and collated to exactly replicate the document originals.

If you would like to find a way to safely, securely and quickly scan and copy your legal documentation, why not get in touch with us to talk through your requirements?  Safety and confidentiality are at the very heart of what we do and thanks to our tried and tested systems, we are able to offer an unparalleled legal scanning and copying service to clients throughout West Yorkshire and the north of England.