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PDM Document Scanning

At Professional Document Management we understand how important it is for any business to be successful and to do this you need to be able to concentrate on what you do best and not on managing piles of paperwork and unfiled documents.

We offer a wide range of document management services and using our document scanning service is an excellent way to help improve efficiency and deal with document storage issues.  Document scanning is at the forefront of what we do and this why we continually make substantial investments into the very latest innovations in document management software and hardware.

Professional Document Scanning

At Professional Document Management we know that to be able to offer the best in document scanning services we need to be able to offer our clients document scanning packages that are suited to both their current needs and future requirements.  This is why we’ll work closely with you to provide you with a tailor made service to fit your requirements, rather than expecting you to change your processes to suit us.

We are able to offer a document management service that is designed to be flexible and meet differing needs of our clients by providing both outsourced and on-site scanning options.  Whether your documentation must remain on site or can be removed for scanning, we will meet your requirements in a way that is reliable, safe and secure.  We also understand the importance of providing our clients with effective document management and storage software that offers either web-based or in-house document storage, retrieval and distribution options.

Fast and efficient document scanning services are essential and at Professional Document Management we know that for our clients time is money.  Thanks to our sophisticated high speed duplex colour scanners we have the capacity to scan over 100,000 pages per day which can be returned to you in a variety of formats including TIFF, PDF and JPG.

To offer the very best in document scanning and management services, we know that it is essential for us to understand how your business works and how our document management services can help to improve and streamline your business processes.  It is for these reasons that communication and providing a client-focused service is at the very heart of what we do. We provide every client with their own point of contact to ensure that each project is delivered to the highest standards, both on time and on budget.

Our policy is to offer all clients a detailed, up-front analysis of costs so that you are fully aware of the price of your project before document management work begins.  We believe that our commitment to offering an up-front fee helps our clients to understand how effective document management can bring many benefits, including a reduction in overall costs and increases in productivity.

Our convenient location in Bradford allow us to offer our range of scanning and document management services to business customers throughout the North of England, helping to minimise any unhelpful disruption to your business processes whilst providing additional peace of mind that your valuable documentation will be scanned quickly and efficiently.

For more information on our document scanning and document management services, why not contact our helpful team for advice?