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P D M Litigation Services – E-Discovery Consulting Expertise

P D M Litigation Support Services assist corporate legal teams and outside counsel to efficiently and cost-effectively manage all phases of the e-discovery by delivering high quality consulting services.

P D M Litigation Support Services provide the support and guidance you need to confidently navigate through the e-discovery process. Our expertise serves as an extension of your legal and litigation support teams. We collaborate with you to understand your objectives, priorities, budget and challenges, and we design comprehensive strategies and action plans customised to your requirements.

Data Collection and Collection Strategy

Whether your potentially relevant data resides in multiple locations around the world or a single office, we can be on site quickly to help you respond to a discovery request in the most efficient and forensically sound manner. We work closely with clients to:

  • Design and execute a well-defined approach for data acquisition
  • Acquire data from a range of file types from disparate sources
  • Provide defensible, auditable chain-of-custody processes and procedures

Early Data Assessment

Early data assessment offers your legal team the ability to analyse data populations at the onset of a case based on volume, custodians, file types, repositories, pertinent dates, key terms and concepts, so you can quickly:

  • Understand potential litigation risk and exposure
  • Make informed decisions about defensible data reduction strategies
  • Determine case scope, timelines and estimate review costs
  • Develop or confirm review strategy in the earliest stages of the process

Negotiation Support

We help corporations and legal practices approach negotiations with confidence. Based on your timelines and matter requirements, we can advise your team on how to:

  • Evaluate sources and data types to prepare for initial disclosure
  • Review search term culling strategies by developing and validating keyword searches
  • Evaluate your privilege strategy thus avoid inadvertent production of privileged documents

Data Reduction

We bring a disciplined, iterative approach to data culling, and by leveraging our sampling and statistical expertise we improve the efficacy and defensibility of your document reduction efforts. Our proven methods enable you to:

  • Review a smaller, richer set of documents
  • Ensure better search term negotiations with opposing counsel
  • Utilise a principled, well-documented approach
  • Focus on your legal and subject matter expertise

Search Consulting

We provide a data- and qualitative-driven approach to developing keyword search terms to meet a variety of e-discovery goals. We utilise sampling, iterative development, testing and measurement techniques, drawing upon statistical expertise, to quickly find the most important documents, save you time and provide greater review quality and comprehensiveness. With this search expertise, you can:

  • Quickly assess the risks and merits of a case
  • Confidently approach meet-and-confer negotiations
  • Find “hot” documents and unknown facts, new witnesses, patterns or gaps in production to help your case analysis
  • Fulfil legal obligations for due diligence utilising a documented approach and technical expertise in your search efforts