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PDM – One of the UK’s leading document scanning companies

As one of the most experienced document management and document scanning companies in the UK, at Professional Document Management we can help you tackle your document storage issues.

Our wide range of document management and scanning services can help you to get on with doing your job, rather than spending time dealing with paperwork, filing and document storage.  At Professional Document Management our services include archive management, scanning services, data capture and document conversion along with legal copying services.  To help us maintain the highest standards in document management, we continuously invest in the latest developments in software and hardware, helping to make us one of the leading document management and document scanning companies in the UK.

Professional document scanners

We use sophisticated high speed duplex colour scanners with the capacity to scan over 100,000 pages per day which can be returned to you in a variety of digital formats including TIFF, PDF and JPG.  We are able to scan a huge variety of documents in a range of sizes from as small as a postage stamp up to A0, along with microfilm, microfiche and book scanning.

Once documents have been digitized, we are able to offer our clients a range of efficient data capture services.  Our highly accurate document referencing service can be used to extract data from documents using single or double key entry; our skilled operators have the capability to process hundreds of thousands of data fields per day.

OCR (optical character recognition) conversion uses specialised software to accurately convert huge volumes of paper information into a fully searchable form.  We can supply a wide range of files including MS Office, HTML, XML, PDF, spreadsheets and many more.  Our PDF conversion service offers specialist conversion services on to CD/DVD of this very popular format which is widely used for the publication of technical or highly structured documentation.  We also offer optional services to optimise PDF documents for web distribution.

Following data capture, we can return the files to you in a vast range of different media types, or if you prefer, via our safe and secure online facility.  Files can also be returned for direct importation into your document management software, or alternatively we can offer a broad selection of software to help you manage your document archive successfully.

At Professional Document Management we are one of the UK’s leading document management and document scanning companies and we take the security and confidentiality of our client’s documentation very seriously.   We have well-tested systems in place to maintain our high standards of security and assign each client their own personal point of contact, helping to guarantee that every project is delivered both on time and on budget.

For further information on how we can help you with your document management, archive, storage or copying issues, why not contact your helpful team for advice?   Our services are fast and reliable, whether for large on-going projects or smaller one-off document management and scanning requirements