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PDM – A leading document scanning company

If you are struggling to cope with mounds of paperwork and document storage, here at Professional Document Management we are a document scanning and copying company with a reputation for fast, efficient and secure document services, designed to take the strain out of document management issues.

We understand that for our clients time is money and this is why we use a range of high speed duplex colour document scanners, enabling us to offer a quick and efficient service.  With the capacity to scan over 100,000 pages per day, at Professional Document Management we are an experienced document management company that is able to offer the very best in scanning services.

Once the document scanning process has taken place we are able to offer clients a range of data capture services.  Our document referencing service has the capability to extract data from documents using single or double key entry, giving an extremely high level of accuracy.

Optical character recognition (OCR) can be used to convert high volumes of paper into searchable, electronic formats and is a highly efficient way of reducing filing and paperwork.

As a specialised document management company, at Professional Document Management we are also able to offer clients a PDF conversion service.  Adobe Acrobat’s PDF is one of the most widely used file formats for the publication of technical or highly structured documentation and our conversion service will quickly and accurately convert documents to this format, with additional optional services to optimise the documents for web distribution.

After documents have been digitized and the required data captured, we are able to return the files in a wide range of different formats or via our highly secure Hybrid Cloud File Server.  We understand that different clients have varying needs and this is why we offer a flexible capture and archive management service.  Files can be returned to you for direct importation in your document management software; alternatively we can provide a range of software specially designed to securely manage your archive.

Professional Document Scanning

Thanks to our broad experience of document management, at Professional Document Management we are a document scanning company that is able to offer our clients an unparalleled, client-focused service.  Safety, security and communication are at the very heart of all our document management services and this is why each of our clients is assigned their own point of contact, helping us to ensure that every single document management project is delivered on time and on budget.

Our central, convenient location in Bradford means that we are able to offer our scanning and document management services to clients throughout West Yorkshire and the north of England.  Our aim is to provide a fast and efficient service that minimises any disruption to your business, whilst providing peace of mind that your document management project is in the safest possible hands.  Why not contact our helpful team for further information on our wide range of services and to talk through your document management requirements?  At Professional Document Management we are a document scanning company with a difference.