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P D M Litigation Services – E-Disclosure

Electronic Disclosure is a name given to the processes of capturing, collecting, restoring, manipulating and searching large volumes of electronic documents as part of the process of disclosure in civil litigation. The objective is to find the relevant documents from a mass of unsorted or randomly stored files in the most thorough, yet cost effective fashion. Combining this with the digitisation of paper documents were necessary, results in a complete document library enabling full disclosure.

Professional E-disclosure Services

The services that PDM offer encompass a wide array of technology and skills that lend themselves to any requirement of a quasi-discovery or similar nature, such as regulatory review, or investigations. P D M offers a structured service that is designed to complement any professional litigation team.

Larger firms that usually have a dedicated litigation support team, staffed with highly experienced professionals. P D M’s aim is to fulfil those tasks that in-house teams need to outsource, due to technical or time restrictions. Where a lawyer does not have an internal litigation support function to aid them, then P D M is able to plan and execute an entire e-disclosure project, so that the litigation team can concentrate on the subsequent review of the documents provided.

This gives any solicitor access to the skills and technology that is usually only available to lawyers at larger firms with internal litigation support team. During the any disclosure process, files are released in real time and are made readily accessible to approved users.

This is achieved by our HybridCloud File Server which allows files and data to be readily available, yet highly protected. It acts as a secure document repository offering continuous file backup and storage. Access to our HybridCloud is available from a PC with an internet connection, and most mobile devices including for iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, Kindle Fire, and B&N Nook.

Other features of our HybridCloud include

  • Bi-directional synchronization with local drives
  • File uploads subject to user permissions
  • File review subject to user permissions
  • File amend subject to user permissions
  • File approval subject to user permissions
  • Full document control audit trails including version control
  • Controlled and secure release of documents to third parties