Affordable, convenient and secure – discover the benefits of our PO box service Leeds

Ideal for business or personal use, our PO box service in Leeds offers a secure way to handle and store incoming mail. At PDM Post we offer a range of hybrid mail services, including our new PO box service, and here are some of the ways it could benefit you and your business:

  • Using a PO box address are suitable for small businesses which are run from a private address. Having post sent to a PO box address, rather than an actual address, provides additional protection, will prevent unwanted visitors whilst creating a professional impression.
  • PO box address are ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes who can also benefit from the additional privacy offered. Many businesses such as call centres and financial service centres use PO box mail services to prevent customers and visitors from turning up unannounced.
  • PO box services provide an effective way for business people who are regularly away from their business; whether working overseas or travelling in the UK. Using a PO box service such as ours will provide you with a secure mailing address without having to worry about post going missing or being stolen.
  • Flexibility is yet another benefit of PO mailbox rental as it provides you with complete control over incoming mail; providing you with the capability to check and reply to post if you’re away, helping you improve efficiency and customer service.
  • Our PO box service is available to businesses and organisations in Leeds and throughout the UK.

How it works

We’ll handle, process and store your mail, providing you with complete peace of mind at all times. Mail is collected from a dedicated PO Box before being delivered to our secure production centre. Mail is opened and digitally captured before being sent directly to your own personal PDM-Post portal inbox.

You will then have the option to download correspondence and then incorporate it into a system of your choice. In addition, we also offer the option to have your mail items to be sorted and stored as required; whether this is by date received, the sender or the individual recipient.

Get in touch to find out more about our PO mail boxes

Receiving mail directly to your desktop will help you spend less time opening and processing post, whilst making substantial savings on mail costs. To find out more about how services will help you save time and money whilst improving efficiency and security, please contact PDM by calling 01274 883459 or email