PDM Post – your private PO box in Leeds

Using our PDM-Post service offers a number of cost-effective benefits; helping you to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of time you spend processing paper mail. Suitable for business or personal use, PDM-Post will provide you with a secure, private PO box in Leeds.

What are the benefits of PDM-Post?

Renting a virtual mailbox and mailing address from us is a great way to cut the time and money you spend on paper-based mail. The cost of printing and consumables such as paper and toner is significantly reduced, whilst there’s no longer any need for an expensive franking machine. In addition, you and your staff will have more time to spend on other, more productive tasks.

Our PDM-Post services are available at a lower cost per envelope and Royal Mail postal charges and because we don’t set a minimum volume, renting a mailbox from us is ideal for businesses of all sizes and private individuals. In addition, our mailbox services are fully flexible and you’ll have the option to use our outgoing mail service, incoming mail service or both.

PDM-Post is also perfect if you’d like to be able to send and receive mail from anywhere in the world, move home, or want to keep your private mailing, street address or business address private. Why not get in touch for a quote?

How it works

Using our Outgoing Hybrid Mail service is simple and all you have to do is upload letters to the user-friendly PDM-Post portal. Documents can be uploaded individually or en-mass  in a range of formats, including Microsoft Word or PDF. Each postcode is automatically validated before post is sent out which eliminates incorrectly addressed items. Finally, once post has been sent you’ll receive verification via the PDM-Post Portal.

Incoming mail is collected from your dedicated private PO box and delivered to our highly secure production centre where paper mail is opened and the content digitally captured. Mail is then sent directly to your PDM-Post portal inbox. You’ll then be able to download your post before incorporating it into whichever system you use.

We also offer the option to have incoming mail named and sorted to meet your individual requirements; whether this is by date received, the details of the sender or the name of the individual recipient. Furthermore, this metadata is also available in a range of formats which could be used to import documents into your existing systems.

Get in touch

Cost effective and simple to use, our hybrid mail boxes and PO box address services offer the ideal way to save time and money whilst improving efficiency. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us by calling 01274 883459 to obtain a free, no-obligation quote.