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Digitising Safeguarding Records for CPOMS and Safeguarding Tools

Following the requirement of schools to keep records in writing of all decisions and discussion concerning the safeguarding of children as of the statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education” in September 2016, there’s an increasing emphasis on precise and secure document management. There are many software solutions which offer the means to store this information in an accessible way for staff to use.

One of the more popular options is CPOMS, which many of those who have looked into options for implementing the new safeguarding guidance will have considered amongst other tools such as My Concern of CURA. At PDM we offer a precise and reliable service for digitising paper documents to be incorporated into these tools.

As well as allowing for these documents to be used in safeguarding software, the digitisation of paper documents also offers several security and storage advantages, creating both an improved means of storing data and documents and reducing storage and maintenance costs. With paper records potentially vulnerable to damage or misuse, a secure system can both reduce the volume of storage space required by organisations but also can monitor and control access to sensitive records, whilst allowing specific access to the necessary parties when necessary.

Data Capture and Document Scanning for CPOMS and other software options

Our service focuses on a secure and accurate transfer of important information from paper to digital records, meaning that they’re ready to be incorporated into your preferred software solution. Our expert team have extensive experience in transforming documents into versatile digital formats. With our scanning and data input services, we’re able to accurately capture large volumes of information and documents, presenting you with a precise and practical digital version of your records.

Our team of dedicated specialists can work quickly to accommodate your transition to CPOMS or other tools such as My Concern or CURA. We’re able to scan over 100,000 documents a week, meaning a fast and precise conversion of important documents can be achieved in tight turnaround times, ensuring your compliance with the latest guidelines. Where automatic recognition isn’t possible or suitable, we’re able to extract data from documents manually with great accuracy through our data keying bureau. Again, here we can provide information from safeguarding documents in a format to be introduced to your software tools.

For more information about the transfer and capture of documents for the purposes of safeguarding software and the latest statutory guidances please speak with one of our team who’ll be able to advise about our services on 01274 883459.