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Did you know that we provide document management services for accountancy firms?

As with other industry sectors, accounting practices face pressure to provide services which are cost-effective, accurate and fast. With this in mind, it’s important to make the most of the latest document management and archive systems.

At PDM we are leading professionals in document management and work with a number of accountancy firms. We provide a range of solutions designed to meet the specialist requirements of accountancy firms, helping them streamline their systems, improve efficiency and cut costs.

Tailor made document management systems for accountancy firms

Coping with mountains of paper documents generated by their clients is something which accountancy firms have always had to cope with. Whilst this is unlikely to change in the near future, there are steps you can take to manage accountancy process. Accounting documentation such as client files, audits, VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax and general correspondence can all be filed and stored electronically under one document management system. Not only does this enable the efficient location of information, it also ensures everyone involved can access the documents they need at the touch of the button.

Here are some of the benefits a document management system could offer your accountancy business:

  • Provide an improved service to your clients.

  • Improve data security and ensure you are protected as all information is regularly backed up and encrypted.

  • Provide authorised personnel with the access they need to client information.

  • Cut the costs associated with off-site document storage.

  • Staff are able to manage their workloads better, helping them to work more efficiently.

  • Last and by no means least: de-clutter your office space and reduce your reliance upon paper documents.

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