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Did you know that we provide document management services for accountancy firms?

As with other industry sectors, accounting practices face pressure to provide services which are cost-effective, accurate and fast. With this in mind, it’s important to make the most of the latest document management and archive systems.

At PDM we are leading professionals in document management and work with a number of accountancy firms. We provide a range of solutions designed to meet the specialist requirements of accountancy firms, helping them streamline their systems, improve efficiency and cut costs.

Tailor made document management systems for accountancy firms

Coping with mountains of paper documents generated by their clients is something which accountancy firms have always had to cope with. Whilst this is unlikely to change in the near future, there are steps you can take to manage accountancy process. Accounting documentation such as client files, audits, VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax and general correspondence can all be filed and stored electronically under one document management system. Not only does this enable the efficient location of information, it also ensures everyone involved can access the documents they need at the touch of the button.

Here are some of the benefits a document management system could offer your accountancy business:

  • Provide an improved service to your clients.

  • Improve data security and ensure you are protected as all information is regularly backed up and encrypted.

  • Provide authorised personnel with the access they need to client information.

  • Cut the costs associated with off-site document storage.

  • Staff are able to manage their workloads better, helping them to work more efficiently.

  • Last and by no means least: de-clutter your office space and reduce your reliance upon paper documents.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our news and insights into the world of document management and will be back with more blog posts in 2022!

With very best wishes from the team at Pro-Doc!

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Will 2022 be the year you change your approach to document management?

Although there’s still a month to go until the start of a new year, now is a good time to think about making resolutions for the year ahead. So, instead of setting yourself the usual challenges of getting more exercise or eating healthily, why not focus upon finding new ways to manage your businesses documents?

Streamlining your document management systems can offer a huge range of benefits, not least in terms of being able to find documents when you need them! In addition, efficient document management means more than a tidy office and when done correctly, can help you save significant amounts of time and money. Here are a few examples of how improving your approach to document management could help:

  1. Although a tidy office is just one benefit of efficient document management, it’s important not to underestimate the power of de-cluttering. Not only does a tidy office look professional, it will also go a long way towards helping to boost the image of a business. Furthermore, there’s nothing more disheartening than piles of unfiled paperwork which has to be sorted through by hand to find information. Switching to a digital document system is a highly effective way to address these problems and isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Documents are scanned using powerful high resolution scanners and are then converted into a digital format designed to be stored electronically in the format of your choice. Digital documents can be searched and shared in seconds and scanning is ideal for a huge range of documents; from architectural plans and invoices, through to historical archives, legal documents and medical records.

  2. Digital document management offers an unbeatable way to improve efficiency. As already mentioned, rather than wasting time searching paperwork, documents can be searched and then shared, if necessary, at the touch of a button. This improvement in efficiency enables teams

    to complete work quickly and meet important deadlines.

  3. An additional factor which is often overlooked is that paper documents are highly susceptible to loss and damage; for the majority of businesses the loss of all paperwork in a fire or flood would be devastating. With this in mind, the safest solution is to store information online rather than in a filling cabinet. Online document storage is highly secure and information can be assessed as and when you need it, regardless of where you are.

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Document scanning provides a space-saving solution to document storage

Not only do paper documents take up significant amounts of office space, they’re time consuming to search and are at risk of loss or damage. So with this in mind, if you still rely upon filing cabinets and paper documents, it’s time to start thinking about an alternative solution.

Providing a cost effective way to reduce the amount of storage space you need for physical documents, digital imaging can also help you improve efficiency and security, whilst also helping to cut costs.

Cost-effective document scanning services from PDM

At PDM we use powerful high speed duplex colour scanners which have the capacity to scan over 100,00 documents each week. We have the expertise to scan on demand everything from invoices and legal documents, through to architectural plans and historical archives. It’s important to note that size isn’t an issue as our equipment can be used to scan tiny, postage stamp sized documents, through to large format documents or drawings larger than A0 size.

The perfect solution for all businesses and organisations, digital imaging and scanning is now widely used by accounts payable departments, human resources, legal firms, schools and colleges as a cost effective approach to record scanning and data capture.

Next steps

After documents have been scanned and digitised they can be saved in a range of digital formats, depending on your individual requirements. The following step is data capture and we are able to provide a range of options, designed to make the information within your digital documents easy to find. Furthermore, it’s possible to capture data in a different levels of details; for example you might simply need to capture document titles, or multiple fields within each document to allow for forward processing through other business applications.

Once data capture has been completed, we can then offer you a choice of different document management software solutions, depending on how you’d prefer to access the information. Digital document managements systems are safe and secure and will help you free up storage space whilst providing you with instant access to information as and when you need it.

Document scanning and document management services

If your businesses is finding it difficult to free-up sufficient storage space for paperwork, or you’re looking for a way to improve efficiency and streamline the way you manage your business, our professional document scanning services provide a cost-effective, efficient solution.

PDM-Post business mail services

Using our PDM-Post service can help you save time and money

Sending bulk mail can be expensive, not only costing considerable amounts of money, but also taking up lots of staff time. Our PDM-Post service has been designed to help organisations of all sizes cut the cost of printing and processing both inbound and outbound mail.

PDM-Post can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your business or organisation. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer – you have the option to use the entire service or just one element:

PDM-Post Incoming Mail

• Mail is collected from a dedicated PO box and delivered to our secure production centre.
• Your hard copy mail is opened and digitally captured.
• Your mail is sent directly to your PDM-Post portal inbox.
• From our secure PDM-Post portal your mail can be downloaded and then incorporated into a system of your choice.
• As an option mail items can be named and sorted as you require, this could be using the date received, the details of the sender, and the individual recipient. This metadata is also available in a variety of formats which could enable the direct import to your existing systems.

PDM-Post Outgoing Hybrid Mail

• Letters are uploaded by the user to the PDM-Post portal. This can be done using a variety of formats including Microsoft Word or PDF. They can be uploaded individually or en-mass.
• All post codes are validated prior to postage which eliminates the cost of incorrectly addressed items.
• Verification of posting using the PDM-Post portal.
• Notification is made to you for any letters returned e.g. people have moved away.
• A copy of each letter sent will be stored in the PDM-Post portal.

The benefits of PDM-Post

Using PDM-Post offers a range of cost-effective benefits:
1. Reduced printing costs.
2. Staff can spend time doing productive tasks instead of processing in/outbound mail.
3. No further need for costly franking machines, toner etc.
4. Lower cost per envelope and postal charges.
5. No minimum volumes
6. Paper consumption reduced.
7. You are can chose to use either or both services.

Sending and receiving mail directly to and from your desktop offers substantial savings on mail costs.

If you would like to find out more about how our PDM-Post service could save you time and money, get in touch by calling 01274 883459 or email

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Improve efficiency and cut costs with our microfiche document scanning service

Once an essential way to store data such as plans, information or drawings, microfiche was widely used by engineering, finance and human resources departments. Although microfiche is now an outdated technology, for many businesses it’s essential that they are able to access the information stored on microfiche documents. However, accessing the information isn’t always straightforward and can result in a range of problems including:

  • Unlike digital files, files stored on microfiche cannot be indexed. This makes it difficult and time consuming for staff to find the information they need.

  • Unlike digital files, the information stored on microfiche cannot be easily shared. This means that the costs of sharing the information can easily spiral, whilst there is the ever present danger that the information can be lost in transit.

  • Reading microfiche documents requires special equipment which can cost as much as £1000. In addition, as this type of equipment is rapidly becoming obsolete, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of.

Document scanning services

Not only does document scanning help improve efficiency and cut costs, it will also dramatically reduce the amount of physical storage space you need. Unlike their microfiche or paper counterparts, digital documents take up no storage space at all, whilst ensuring they are fully secure and can be accessed at the touch of a button.

At PDM we offer a range of cost-effective document scanning services, designed to help businesses and organisations reduce costs and improve efficiency. Ideal for converting microfiche documents in PDFs or any other format you require, we have the capability to scan information quickly and efficiently.

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Cost-effective document storage solutions designed for HR departments

Because of the nature of their crucial role in a business, human resources departments have always been paperwork heavy. From application forms, through to staff reviews and staff management, to processes used by HR teams tend to be very reliant on paper documents.

Storage problems can easily arise as HR documents must be easy to access and stored for a certain length of time. However, as a business and its HR archive grows, storing and managing such a large amount of paperwork can rapidly become a problem.

Although human resources departments tend to be resource-heavy, an increasing number are choosing to work towards a paperless office. It’s not hard to understand why: it takes a massive amount of time to manage staff records. In addition, because records have to be retained for duration of employment and beyond (decades in the case of company pensions), the requirement to find a digital solution is increasingly pressing for many HR departments.

Store and manage HR paperwork with a digital document storage solution

Digital document storage offers a secure and highly efficient way for HR department to drastically reduce the amount of paper they add to an overcrowded document archive. Information can be accessed and shared instantly, making digital document storage an efficient, achievable option for your HR department.

It’s important to note though that although moving to a digital document storage system is a positive first step towards a paperless office, this still leaves the problem of existing physical paper records. We can help with this too, thanks to our cost-effective document scanning service. We have powerful scanning equipment which is able to scan hundreds of documents a day, converting them into digital files, designed to be stored, managed and searched electronically. Scanning documents in this way has the potential to transform the way your HR team work; improving efficiency and security, whilst helping to cut costs.

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We provide a range of cost-effective services ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes. To discover how digital document management could transform your business processes, get in touch with PDM by calling 01274 884359 or email

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Cost effective solutions for the management and storage of historical documents

Document management solutions from PDM

If you work with historical documents or archives, you’ll be well aware of the challenges that managing and storing this type of documentation can often present. Here at PDM we are experts in all types of document management, offering a wide range of management and storage services, with options to suit all requirements.

Document scanning

Archive management starts begins document scanning. At PDM we have a range of high quality scanning equipment with the capability to safely scan thousands of documents per day. The majority of documents are suitable for scanning; from historical records through to tiny items the size of postage stamps, up to large documents such as architectural plans.

Archive management

Once documents have been scanned, the data from them can be captured, ready to be digitally stored. Digital documents don’t take up any physical storage space and can be searched at the touch of a button to find the information you need quickly and easily.

We offer a range of document storage options in a selection of media types. Documents can be either managed within your own existing system, or alternatively we are able to offer a range of document management and archive systems designed to be tailored to meet your requirements.

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Digital document management offers a number of advantages, not least in terms security and efficiency. If you would like to find out how digital archive management could help you improve the way you store, access and manage historical documents, get in touch with us by calling 01272 883459 or email

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Is online storage the right approach to document management for your business?

If you’d like to be able to store information in one central place whilst saving time, money and improving efficiency, then the answer will be yes, online document storage is right for your business! There is sometimes a misconception that online document management and storage are the preserve of big corporations. However, over the past years it is something which is increasingly being used by businesses and organisations of all sizes.

What is online document storage?

Often referred to as cloud storage, an online document storage management system is a central digital repository, designed to hold all of your documents, information, files and records. Documents of all types and sizes can be stored; from legal documents, archives and architectural plans, through to data, accounts and personnel records. Depending on your needs, digital documents can be stored in either a cloud storage system or in a system hosted by your business.

Moving to online document storage begins with the ‘capture’ of paper documents and files; this is done using a document scanning system. The powerful scanning systems we use here at Pro-Doc have the capability to scan hundreds of documents at a time. Once documents have been scanned, they are converted into digital files, ready to be accessed as and when you need them.

One of the most significant benefits of moving to an electronic document management system is the improvement in workflows. Documents can, for example, be automatically forwarded to a particular member of staff or department, whilst information can be found quickly and efficiently using keyword search.

Security is, of course, a top priority for all businesses. Today’s electronic document management systems are designed to provide unparalleled levels of protection through secure user access, so you can relax in the knowledge that your business critical information is safe and protected.

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Offering a cost-effective way to meet the demands of modern working, online document storage and management is ideal for businesses who want to improve efficiency and security, whilst cutting the costs associated with physical storage.

To find out more our services and discuss your individual requirements, get in touch to find out more.

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How schools and education providers can improve their document management processes

Document management solutions for schools and colleges

The hectic summer term has almost drawn to a close and if you’re a headteacher or school administrator, the chances are that you’re looking forward to a well deserved rest! However, as you already know, the long summer holidays pass incredibly quickly and before you know it, September and a new academic year will have rolled around.

Many schools and colleges struggle to cope with and manage the amount of data they have to store and in view of the strict guidelines which now cover safeguarding and data use, having an efficient document management system has the potential to make huge improvements in efficiency and document security.

Our services

We have developed a range of document management services, specially designed to help schools, colleges and universities manage and secure they way they handle and store data. Back in 2016, the Department of Education published a document entitled “Keeping children safe in education Statutory Guidance for schools and colleges.” This document outlined the responsibilities schools and colleges have when it comes to accurate record keeping, stating that: “all concerns, discussions and decisions made and the reasons for those decisions should be recorded in writing.” As a result, increasing numbers of schools and colleges have addressed the issue by using software designed to handle all aspects of safeguarding, child protection and a wide range of child protection and welfare issues from one central repository.

Helping you meet safeguarding guidelines

We have over 15 years of experience in scanning and digitising records for a wide range of organisations and businesses. We understand the importance of security, reliability and confidentiality and have in place a thoroughly tested and audited system. Our digitisation for safeguarding service will quickly and securely digitise your paper records, ready for them to be incorporated into your safeguarding software.

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