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Discover how effective document management can save you time and money

Professional document management services from the document management experts The last couple of years have been very challenging for many businesses. Hopefully the future is looking brighter but as a result of difficulties faced by businesses and organisations of all sizes, many are looking for ways to streamline their systems, improve efficiency and cut costs. […]

Managed document storage vs self storage facilities

Secure document management solutions from the document management experts At PDM we are specialists in a wide range of document management solutions. As a leading document management specialist in Yorkshire, we often work with businesses who have used self-storage facilities to store paperwork including business-critical documents. Whilst many businesses rely upon self-storage facilities to create […]

What are digital mail rooms and how do they work?

Switching to a digital mail offers the potential to save your business money and time, whilst improving efficiency and customer service. Our hybrid mail service, PDM-Post, is proving popular with many of our clients who are making the most benefits. However, if you’ve never used a digital mail room before, it can seem like a […]

Digital document management – the greener solution to document storage

Paper-based document management systems not only require significant amounts of physical storage space, they also generate the need for additional resources such as paper, files, folders, toner cartridge…the list goes on! Switching to a digital storage system is a great way to reduce your need for a physical document ‘infrastructure’, whilst also helping to improve […]

Covid-19 makes digital document management a priority

Although many businesses would like to switch to a digital document management system, they’re often deterred by misconceptions surrounding complexity, concerns that they have too many paper-based systems or a company culture that’s slow to embrace change. Despite this, the Covid-19 pandemic has kick-started a rising trend towards digital business processes, forcing businesses to take […]