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What’s the difference between self storage facilities and managed document storage?

Secure document storage solutions from the document management specialists As one of Yorkshire’s leading document management companies, we often come into contact with companies who have been using self-storage or a lock-up facility to store documents. In addition, many of these companies are using self-storage facilities to store business critical documents. Many companies use self-storage […]

Save time and money with PDM Mailroom Services

With many businesses having to find smarter ways of working to address the difficulties of team working with staff spread far and wide, discovering strategies to make life easier is becoming increasingly pressing. Sending and receiving mail is one aspect of the new way of working which can prove difficult to manage. Here at PDM […]

Discover a new way of working with PIQNIC

The last 15 months or so have been something of a challenge for many businesses as they overcome the difficulties posed by different teams working from home. Although there’s no doubt that the pandemic has thrown up problems, many businesses have used the situation to their advantage by embracing new processes and approaches to working. […]

The benefits of data capture for your business

What is data capture? Data capture is simply an electronic process which is designed to capture and then extract the data from paper and digital documents documents. Once the process is complete, data capture offers the capability to search or share information at the touch of a button. As a result, increasing numbers of businesses […]

Future-proof document management solutions for growing businesses

Document management storage systems from PDM – the document management specialists As your business evolves your document management requirements are likely to grow and change. At PDM we are specialists in all aspects of document management and storage. We offer a wide range of cost-effective document management solutions, with flexible options, designed to match your […]

How a digital mail-room could help your business work smarter

The majority of businesses still rely on sending and receiving paper post, despite the fact that many are still working from home under current lock down regulations. Sorting, distributing and sending traditional paper post is a very inefficient way to work and manage a mail room, especially when staff are scattered far and wide and […]

Human resources departments are at risk of being over-burdened by paperwork

Transform the efficiency of your HR department with a specially designed document management system As a result of the nature of their work, unfortunately human resources departments are often very reliant on significant amounts of paperwork. From job application forms, through to staff reviews, feedback and staff management, HR processes tend to be very paper-heavy. […]

Where next for cloud-based document storage?

The past 10 months or so have clarified what we already know: being able to access your data regardless of where you are is vital to the continuity and even survival of your business. Those organisations which still rely upon working with on-site system found themselves facing real problems in accessing information remotely; either because […]