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The pros and cons of cloud document storage vs traditional storage

Why choose cloud document storage above traditional storage? Increasing numbers of businesses and organisations now reply upon cloud storage. There’s no denying that cloud storage offers significant benefits and in this post we thought we’d explore some of the advantages and disadvantages that it can offer. All businesses – regardless of size – generate huge […]

Making the most of document scanning

Our advice on how to maximise the benefits of document scanning Following on from our recent blog post on the benefits document scanning could offer your business, we thought we’d offer advice on how to make the most of this valuable document management tool. Planning for scanning As with many things, when it comes to […]

Cut costs with microfiche scanning

Improve efficiency and cut costs with our microfiche document scanning service Once an essential way to store data such as plans, information or drawings, microfiche was widely used by engineering, finance and HR departments. Although microfiche is now an outdated technology, for many businesses it is still vital that they are able to access the […]

Could your Accounts Department benefit from using OCR?

Improve the efficiency of your Accounts Department with OCR OCR (optical character recognition) software has long been recognised to be a beneficial way for Accounts Departments to process high volumes of paper and electronic documents quickly and efficiently. However, despite that fact that OCR has been widely used for some time, many Accounts Departments are […]

The implications of GDPR for HR Departments

Document management solutions for HR Departments Electronic document management solutions are widely used by human resources departments, offering a cost effective way to manage and store searchable employee records. However, as a result of the new GDPR regulations, it is likely to be necessary for many organisations to consider additional categorisation of records if they […]

GDPR is almost here!

Are you ready to meet your GDPR data management obligations? With only two days to go until the new GDPR regulations come into force, the chances are that you’re being inundated with emails from companies keen to ensure you agree to continue to receive information from them. If you run your own business, the GDPR […]

Safe and secure document management services for law firms

Specialist legal scan and document management services from Pro-Doc The way in which businesses manage and store paperwork and documents has changed beyond all recognition over the last few years thanks to advances in cloud-based storage, scanning and more. The advantages of electronic document management are clear, however many law firms still have concerns about […]

Is your head in the clouds?

The future looks bright for cloud storage solutions Whereas talk of ‘paperless offices’ once seemed like something from science fiction, thanks to rapid developments in the technology behind today’s document management solutions, the dream of a paperless office looks set to become reality. This is great news on two fronts, particularly for businesses keen to […]

Worried about sensitive documents? Keep them safe and secure with a document management system

Document management systems from PDM Every now and then there’s a story in the news about a senior politician or civil servant leaving highly sensitive documents on the train or a bus. Not only is this sort of scenario a nightmare for government, it’s can also prove hugely stressful and problematic for businesses. The single […]