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Happy Christmas from everyone at PDM document management solutions

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 2020 has certainly been a challenging year so here’s hoping that 2021 will be much better! We’ll be back in January with lots more news, views and insights into the world of document management and storage.

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Discover a new way of working with PIQNIC

PDM – the document management specialists

Many businesses are looking for new ways of working; especially as a result of Covid-19 and the challenges posed by working from home. Whether you’re looking for ways to manage the ‘new normal’, or are looking for strategies to help you improve productivity, PIQNIC provides the ideal solution.

PIQNIC is a single smart software platform which is designed to manage everything you do: from your teams and communications, through to files, projects, decisions and tasks. However, where PIQNIC differs from other work planning and management software, is that it also provides incredibly powerful and highly secure document management.

PIQNIC can help you to meet the challenge’s of today’s workplaces, store and safeguard your information, eradicate the need for multiple apps and software, manage everything you need to run your business in just one place.

Here at PDM we are proud to be a certified UK PIQNIC partner. If you would like to find out how this powerful software can help you transform the way you run your business and deliver a modern approach to working, get in touch with our team by calling 01274 883459.

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Why you should outsource your document scanning project.

The benefits of the paperless office are well known.

The implementation is, as with so many things in business, only successful if the relevant information is gathered at the start of the project.

In this article, we answer the frequently asked questions regarding outsourcing document scanning.

Should I outsource my scanning project?

Scanning a small number of documents with a desktop scanner is relatively quick and easy. However, scanning many thousands of documents requires specialised equipment. Our scanning service offers this technology along with our expertise. Skilled staff convert your paper records to digital files using high volume scanners and bespoke software, this saves time, money and stress.

Do I need to scan every document?

No, you can scan as few or as many documents as you require, we would customize a solution to your requirements and budget.

Do I need to prepare my documents for scanning?

No, we prepare your documents for scanning. Our staff remove staples and paperclips, repair torn pages, and collate your documents for imaging.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software converts the text on your paper documents to searchable digital content. OCR gives you the ability to search for keywords and phrases in your images.

Where should I store my digital images?

We provide transfers of your digital images by a DVD or portable hard drive. We can upload them to your systems or if you prefer, we can host your images on our own secure server.

What happens to my original copies after scanning?

We securely destroy hard copies two complete months after scanning. If you prefer to keep the originals, we will reassemble the original files and return them.


To discuss any document scanning and management issues contact us.

Two down, one to go!

all3 copy

You might have used the first two in the past but would never use them now.

The third is the oldest and most antiquated and yet many organisations still trust paper to store their records and valuable data.

Join the many organisations going paperless.

At PDM help clients to go paperless and to be more efficient.

That important document is no longer missing or with someone else.

It is also easy to search and retrieve documents.

So, if you want to avoid wasting time searching through boxes, filing cabinets and stacks of paper contact us today.

legal document copying scanning services

Trail bundle digitisation and printing made easy

PDM is able to produce digital and or printed copies of court bundles.

The service provided…

Stage One – Pre review

  1. The bundle is collected.
  2. The bundle is digitised.
  3. Any already digitised files are incorporated.
  4. The bundle is uploaded to a secure web site for review.

Stage Two – Post review

  1. The bundle is paginated, if required.
  2. The bundle can be distributed electronically to third parties as instructed.
  3. The bundle can be printed and filed to replicate the original, as required.
  4. Any hard copy duplicate bundles produced are delivered as instructed.
  5. The original bundle is returned.

The whole process is completed in a professional and precise manner, to agreed timescales.

The next bundle you need to print only takes a phone call.

PDM provide an easy route from this…

Paper overwhelmed


To this…

Sharing + box
For more information please contact Andrew Thirkill on 01274 883459 or by email

Law practices and the benefits of scanning and the use of OCR


Benefits of Scanning to a legal firm

Law practices will handle thousands of documents every day. Digitising these documents has revolutionised the operational process of many practices.

There are many reasons that have led to this change, but the principal one is that when legal documents are scanned there is no need to retain the hard copies, thus eliminating bulky files and space consuming cabinets in expensive office space.

Once in a digital format they can be safely and securely stored on external storage devices or cloud-based systems.

Using the cloud, documents and files can be shared with multiple colleagues wherever their location via most web enabled devices.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image. The scanned documents containing typed, printed or handwritten text are converted into machine-encoded text.

Benefits of OCR to a legal firm

Performing OCR on digital files offers multiple benefits. However, due to the lack of proper understanding of OCR, many practices do not incorporate it.

The misconception is that after documents are scanned, they remain as static images, and it is difficult to identify one document from another.

However, using OCR they can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed on-line and extracted text-to-speech, making the files more dynamic and usable.

With OCR it is also possible to convert digitally scanned images to editable files. These electronic files may be of different formats, such as Word files, CSV, PDF, Excel spreadsheets, XML and other variations.

These are easily searchable and there is no difficulty in locating items quickly on external storage devices or cloud-based systems.

OCR enables the users to find documents by typing keywords or phrases that are known to be in the document. Thus, even if the user is not aware of the actual file name, they can find the documents quickly and easily.

This saves a considerable amount of time searching that file or document.

Professional Document Management (PDM)

PDM assist professionals in the scanning, OCR and storage of documents safely and securely.

To be assured of quality image production, accuracy, and security, contact Andrew Thirkill on 01274 883459 or

Scanning and archiving service.

Our turn key document scanning and archiving service is really a very simple process….

Process copy-big1

PDM – Legal Document Scanning Service


Few professions work with more paperwork than solicitors.

Our Legal clients come to us needing a reliable and secure legal document scanning service to create a paper efficient office.

For twenty years, we have helped practices digitise their documents and closed files.

We have scanned millions of documents whilst keeping up to date with the latest scanning technologies.

Practice’s use our scanning services because we provide secure and cost-efficient solutions.

We can scan of everything from contracts to architectural plans, and other unique materials case files might contain.

By enlisting the help of PDM, you can focus your time and attention on your clients while we focus on creating electronic documents.

By digitising your legal documents, your office scanning can benefit in many ways.

The most obvious benefit is that you will be able to eliminate filing cabinets and free office space.

PDM will make it easier for you to find the information you need as electronic documents can be tagged, labelled and formatted to be highly searchable.

Use PDM to transform your office.

To receive a free quote…

Call:         01274 883459


Why is Professional Document Management the perfect partner for your paper efficient office?

Because we provide an expert professional document scanning service, and our clients know that they can trust us with their highly valued documents, privacy, deadlines along with the production of quality digital images.


So, what is the benefit to my organisation?

The cost of Premium Office Space

All those full shelves and filing cabinets of archived paperwork occupy valuable and expensive office space. Scanning returns this space so it can be used more productively.

Wasted time of manual Document Retrieval

No more trips to the filing room in the hope of finding specific documents.

The accurate indexing of digital files alongside the use of OCR, means that documents can be found quickly. They can be searched by document title or using a keyword search meaning you can retrieve what you need when you need it, quickly and efficiently.

Data Protection

Data protection is of the upmost importance and our systems are GDPR compliant.

Our scanning service is fully compliant to BIP 0009:2008 Scanning Standards.

All data transfers across the web are end to end encrypted and where media is provided, it is in a robust encrypted format.

Disaster Recovery

Our scanning service allows you to manage risk.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable does happen and the storing of hard copy documents leaves them at risk of getting irreplaceably damaged due to damp, flood and fire.

Scanning ensures that your documents and the valuable information they hold are protected.

Why Outsource with PDM?

All businesses need to ensure that their staff members are being used to get the best results from their skill set.

Without substantial investment in the appropriate equipment, systems, software and trained operatives, it is a waste of company time and money using well-paid staff from existing departments to scan documents.

Using our comprehensive document scanning service takes care of the whole process…

We collect, prepare and scan the documents.

We check each image for quality.

We name the digital files accurately to your specifications.

We return the digital files in real time using our secure web facility or by encrypted media.

Finally, we securely destroy the original documents or return them.

All scanning is completed within agreed time frames.

Outsourcing your paper archive will allow your staff to avoid the frustration of battling with unsuitable equipment and unrealistic timescales. They can focus on the tasks they are employed and trained to do.

document scanning services from Pro-Doc

Reduce costs and streamline your systems with our scanning services

Professional scanning services provided by Pro-Doc

If you need to be able to regularly access large volumes of paper documents or records, our scanning services offer an efficient solution and a great way to reduce the amount of physical storage space you need.

As you’re probably already aware, storing physical documents can prove to be extremely costly, whether you keep them on-site or use an archive service. Our scanning services offer a cost-effective alternative to physical archives, equivalent to just four years of physical archiving costs. We understand that there is now a legal obligation for businesses and organisations to retain documents for at least seven years for tax purposes and as such we believe that our scanning services offers an unbeatable alternative, helping you save time and free-up space.

How our scanning services work

We use state-of-the-art high-speed duplex colour scanners which have capability to scan more than 100,000 images each week. Once scanned, the digital images can be saved in a wide range of formats depending on your individual requirements, including PDF, TIFF and JPG.

We have the expertise to scan documents of all shapes and sizes; from postage stamp size, through to larger than A0 size, including architectural plans, archives, documents and books.

Contact PDM for details of our scanning services

If you would like to find out more about how our scanning services can help you save time and money whilst freeing up storage space, why not get in touch? We work with business and organisations throughout the North of England so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.