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‘Smart working’ is a phrase you might well have heard of recently, used to describe a business-savvy approach to the workplace. A strategic approach to flexible efficient working, smart working makes the most of modern technology to improve efficiency, cut costs and ensure a healthy work-life balance. In the light of the pandemic, smart working is becoming an increasingly important strategy for many businesses, as they cope with the challenges posed by teams who work remotely.

We offer a range of document management solutions, designed to help you work smarter and improve the efficiency of your business. A badly organised office, littered with mountains of paperwork is hardly conducive to smart working. So, if this sounds familiar and you’d like to change the way you work, improving your document management systems seems like the best place to start.

Transform the way you manage, store and share your data

Efficient document management and storage has the potential to transform your business; helping you streamline systems and reduce costs. Our services cover all aspects of document management including:

  • Scanning services: if you have documents and records you need to access on a regular basis, document scanning provides a great alternative to having to store large volumes of paperwork. We’ll scan your documents – regardless of their age, type or size – converting them into an easily accessible format.

  • Data capture: not only do physical paper documents take up a great deal of space, they are extremely time-consuming to search – even if they are efficiently organised and stored. Once scanned and digitised, we can use a range of techniques to capture the data from files, ensuring they are easily accessible and that you can find the data when you need it.

  • Archive management: once documents have been scanned and the data capture, we can offer you a number of different options for accessing the information. We can provide your documents in a huge range of media types or in a secure online transfer, suitable for integration with an existing storage system. We also offer a range of document management and archive systems to suit all requirements; from basic free systems, through cloud-based systems.

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Improving the way you manage, store and retrieve documents will save you time and money whilst helping you free up the amount of physical storage space you need. A cost-effective way to work smarter, our document management solutions are ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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document management storage solutions

Future-proof document management solutions for growing businesses

Document management storage systems from PDM – the document management specialists

As your business evolves your document management requirements are likely to grow and change. At PDM we are specialists in all aspects of document management and storage. We offer a wide range of cost-effective document management solutions, with flexible options, designed to match your ever-changing business requirements.

Whether you’re planning on starting your own business or are already up and running, the chances are that the amount of paperwork you have to cope with is already starting to seem a little daunting! At this point it’s worth bearing in mind that for successful document management, it really is best to start as you mean to go on. Although storing and managing paperwork are likely to be fairly low on your list of current priorities, if you put systems in place now, rather than waiting until you’re snowed under, will save you time, money and future stress.

Document management systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Increasing numbers of businesses are turning to electronic document management for its ‘scaleability’. At PDM we can help you find a cost-effective solution which not only meets your current requirements, but is also flexible enough to grow alongside your business. From archiving paperwork and correspondence, through to accounting paperwork and data capture, our services are ideal for all types of businesses.

Choosing the right document management solution for your business could help you save time, allowing you to get on with what you do best, rather than worrying about document storage. In addition, we can also help you find ways to end your reliance on physical document storage, whilst cutting the costs associated with traditional paper documentation.

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document management systems

Spring is here -what better time to de-clutter the office and reduce paperwork?

Document management and storage solutions provided by PDM

Spring has well and truly sprung , offering the ideal opportunity to tackle all those unfiled documents and bulging filing cabinets! Even the smallest business has documents and records which need to be stored and over time, which means that it’s very easy for paperwork to get out of hand. If paperwork isn’t properly managed and stored, it can start to take over, making it virtually impossible to find the information you need.

Transform your office with our document management solutions

Here at PDM we offer a wide range of cost-effective services, designed to help businesses and organisations of all sizes organise and manage their documents efficiently and effectively. Chaotic document management can lead to inefficient business process, customer dissatisfaction and costly errors. With this in mind, a spring clean of your paperwork and business documents could provide a range of real benefits including:

  • Improved efficiency and workflow: once documents have been digitised they can be found and instantly accessed by whoever needs them. Not only does this save significant amounts of time that would otherwise have been spent searching through paperwork, it also make data sharing much easier and more efficient.

  • Make more space: scanning and converting documents into digital files means they can be stored online in a safe, secure cloud storage system. Document scanning is suitable for documents of all sizes and shapes, including legal documents, accounts, archives and architectural plans. Online document storage helps to significantly reduce the amount of physical storage space required, making a better working environment.

  • Increased security: storing documents online helps to improve security protecting against damage from fire and flood. In addition, documents are safe from the risk of physical theft.

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We offer a range of document management services including document scanning, data capture and archive management. In addition, we also offer a number of specialist services designed to meet the unique requirements of schools and legal businesses.

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PDM-Post business mail services

How a digital mail-room could help your business work smarter

The majority of businesses still rely on sending and receiving paper post, despite the fact that many are still working from home under current lock down regulations. Sorting, distributing and sending traditional paper post is a very inefficient way to work and manage a mail room, especially when staff are scattered far and wide and working from different locations. Although moving to an automated digital mail service might seem like a daunting prospect, making the switch offers rewards in terms of improved efficiency and better utilisation of resources.

Transform your business with PDM-Post digital mail services

At PDM we offer a range of hybrid mail services, designed to help businesses improve efficiency and work smarter. Our services cover outgoing and incoming mail which can be sent or received directly to your desktop. Here are just a few examples of how PDM-Post could benefit your business:

  • Reduce operational costs: PDM-Post provides efficient, quick access to incoming mail, enabling your business to slash operational costs, whilst giving employees more time on more productive tasks.
  • Improved security: you’ll have the option to restrict employee access and guarantee confidentiality. In addition, opting for a digital mail-room solution eliminates the risk of damage, accidental loss or breaches in confidentiality.
  • Instant access: perhaps one of the biggest benefits offered by hybrid mail in the current climate and going forward is the ability to have instant access to incoming mail regardless of where you might be. It is this flexible, remote access which enables businesses to respond to queries quickly whilst speeding up key business transactions.

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document management solutions

Human resources departments are at risk of being over-burdened by paperwork

Transform the efficiency of your HR department with a specially designed document management system

As a result of the nature of their work, unfortunately human resources departments are often very reliant on significant amounts of paperwork. From job application forms, through to staff reviews, feedback and staff management, HR processes tend to be very paper-heavy. This means that storage problems can easily arise as HR documents have to be easy to access and stored for a certain length of time to meet document storage regulations. However, as a business expands and its HR archive multiplies, storing and managing such a large amount of paperwork can become time-consuming and problematic.

Despite the fact that human resources departments can very reliant on paper, an increasing number are moving towards the goal of a paperless office. It’s not hard to see why: it takes a great deal of time to manage staff records and because records have to be stored for duration of employment and beyond (this can be decades when it comes to company pensions), the need to find a digital solution is becoming increasingly urgent for many HR departments.

Store and manage HR paperwork with a digital document storage solution

Digital document storage is the ideal way for HR department to make significant reductions to the amount of paper they add to an already overburdened document storage system. Information can be located, accessed and shared instantly, ensuring digital document storage is an efficient, easily-achievable option for HR departments of all sizes.

However, it is also important to note though that although moving to a digital document storage system is a positive first step to take towards a paperless office, there’s still the issue of storing existing physical paper records. We have the expertise to help with this too thanks to our efficient and cost-effect scanning service. We use powerful scanning equipment which has the capability to scan hundreds of documents a day, converting them into digital files, designed to be stored, managed and searched electronically. Not only does scanning documents in this way have the potential to transform the way your HR team work, it will also improve efficiency, security and helping to cut costs.

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merry christmas from Pro-Doc

Happy Christmas from everyone at PDM document management solutions

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 2020 has certainly been a challenging year so here’s hoping that 2021 will be much better! We’ll be back in January with lots more news, views and insights into the world of document management and storage.

PIQNIC Certified Partner

Discover a new way of working with PIQNIC

PDM – the document management specialists

Many businesses are looking for new ways of working; especially as a result of Covid-19 and the challenges posed by working from home. Whether you’re looking for ways to manage the ‘new normal’, or are looking for strategies to help you improve productivity, PIQNIC provides the ideal solution.

PIQNIC is a single smart software platform which is designed to manage everything you do: from your teams and communications, through to files, projects, decisions and tasks. However, where PIQNIC differs from other work planning and management software, is that it also provides incredibly powerful and highly secure document management.

PIQNIC can help you to meet the challenge’s of today’s workplaces, store and safeguard your information, eradicate the need for multiple apps and software, manage everything you need to run your business in just one place.

Here at PDM we are proud to be a certified UK PIQNIC partner. If you would like to find out how this powerful software can help you transform the way you run your business and deliver a modern approach to working, get in touch with our team by calling 01274 883459.

document management solutions

Why you should outsource your document scanning project.

The benefits of the paperless office are well known.

The implementation is, as with so many things in business, only successful if the relevant information is gathered at the start of the project.

In this article, we answer the frequently asked questions regarding outsourcing document scanning.

Should I outsource my scanning project?

Scanning a small number of documents with a desktop scanner is relatively quick and easy. However, scanning many thousands of documents requires specialised equipment. Our scanning service offers this technology along with our expertise. Skilled staff convert your paper records to digital files using high volume scanners and bespoke software, this saves time, money and stress.

Do I need to scan every document?

No, you can scan as few or as many documents as you require, we would customize a solution to your requirements and budget.

Do I need to prepare my documents for scanning?

No, we prepare your documents for scanning. Our staff remove staples and paperclips, repair torn pages, and collate your documents for imaging.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software converts the text on your paper documents to searchable digital content. OCR gives you the ability to search for keywords and phrases in your images.

Where should I store my digital images?

We provide transfers of your digital images by a DVD or portable hard drive. We can upload them to your systems or if you prefer, we can host your images on our own secure server.

What happens to my original copies after scanning?

We securely destroy hard copies two complete months after scanning. If you prefer to keep the originals, we will reassemble the original files and return them.


To discuss any document scanning and management issues contact us.

Two down, one to go!

all3 copy

You might have used the first two in the past but would never use them now.

The third is the oldest and most antiquated and yet many organisations still trust paper to store their records and valuable data.

Join the many organisations going paperless.

At PDM help clients to go paperless and to be more efficient.

That important document is no longer missing or with someone else.

It is also easy to search and retrieve documents.

So, if you want to avoid wasting time searching through boxes, filing cabinets and stacks of paper contact us today.

legal document copying scanning services

Trail bundle digitisation and printing made easy

PDM is able to produce digital and or printed copies of court bundles.

The service provided…

Stage One – Pre review

  1. The bundle is collected.
  2. The bundle is digitised.
  3. Any already digitised files are incorporated.
  4. The bundle is uploaded to a secure web site for review.

Stage Two – Post review

  1. The bundle is paginated, if required.
  2. The bundle can be distributed electronically to third parties as instructed.
  3. The bundle can be printed and filed to replicate the original, as required.
  4. Any hard copy duplicate bundles produced are delivered as instructed.
  5. The original bundle is returned.

The whole process is completed in a professional and precise manner, to agreed timescales.

The next bundle you need to print only takes a phone call.

PDM provide an easy route from this…

Paper overwhelmed


To this…

Sharing + box
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