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The long summer holidays are rapidly approaching but first there’s a hectic schedule of exams and end of term events to organise. The school year is  always very busy and with this in mind, many school administrators find it difficult to set time aside to keep on top of document management. In addition, there’s also pressure to ensure the secure and accurate capture and storage of safeguarding records within the latest guidelines.

In 2016, the Department of Education published a document entitled ‘Keeping children safe in Education – Statutory guidance for schools and colleges’ which outlines the duties that schools and colleges have concerning recording keeping. As a result, many schools and colleges are now meeting these requirements by utilising specialist software designed for monitoring child protection, safeguarding issues and a wide range of additional welfare and pastoral issues. This type of software brings all these issues together under one umbrella, securely storing them into a central repository.

Organising and storing documents in this way enables the relevant people immediately to any issues, allowing senior leaders to develop a chronology surrounding a particular student. In addition, simply pushing a button generates reports on vulnerable pupils and pupil groups; and these reports can be used for Ofsted or in Case Conference or Governors meetings.

Although document management software for schools and colleges is designed to streamline the way they store and manage information, in order to make the software ‘complete’, existing paper records have to be integrated into the system and this is where we can help. We provide a complete data capture and document scanning service which securely transfers paper documents into a user-friendly archive, designed to enable you to efficiently manage important school documents.

We have almost two decades of experience in providing scanning and digitisation records for a wide range of organisations including schools, colleges and universities. Our services are fast and reliable with an emphasis upon security and confidentiality. As such, we have a rigorously tested, audited system in place, designed to maintain the highest standards.

To find out more about how we can help you safely and securely manage documents within your education setting, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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