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Are you making the most of document scanning?

Document scanning services designed to save time and money

It’s staggering to think that it’s possible for one DVD to hold almost 30 filing cabinet’s worth of information. If you’re struggling to cope with a mountain of paperwork and unfiled documents, our document scanning service offers an excellent way to free-up storage, improve workflows, save time and money.

The benefits of document scanning

First and foremost is the significant savings in storage space offered by scanning documents. We’ve worked with countless businesses that find it difficult to deal with a backlog of paperwork and are experiencing significant issues with finding enough storage space to keep it all. Document scanning solves these problems at a stroke by transforming paper documents and files into digital versions, ready to be accessed at the touch of a button.

This ease of access is the key to the time and money savings offered by document scanning. Rather than you, or your team, spending hours searching for an elusive piece of information, you’ll be able to use a keyword search to find what you need in seconds.

Many of our clients are surprised a just how much office space they manage to free up once they’ve switched to electronic document management. Instead of piles of paper and rows of filing cabinets, they’re able to see their office in a new light, finding room for much-needed new members of staff or to carry out core business activities.

Security is often a major concern for businesses who are considering making the switch to electronic document storage. Our scanning and storage services are safe and secure – all information is backed-up and safeguarded – offering you the reassurance that your valuable documentation is protected and ready to be accessed quickly.

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Document scanning offers a wide range of significant benefits, both in terms of time saving and reduced costs. We have many years of experience in providing safe and secure document scanning and management services so why not get in touch today for further information?

document scanning services from Pro-Doc

Document scanning can help you tackle that paperwork mountain

Document scanning services from Pro-Doc

Managing paperwork, documents and filing can take huge amounts of time, potentially distracting you from doing your job or running your business. However, by using one of our document scanning or management services, you could save yourself time and money whilst also improving efficiency.

Digital document scanning is a safe, secure and incredibly effective way of tackling document storage issues. Our expertise dates back many years and as such we’ve continuously invested time and resources into the latest hardware and software solutions to enable us to offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective scanning service.

We know that to be effective and efficient, document scanning services need to be designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients and so instead of asking you to change your processes, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that our document scanning service matches your requirements.

Flexible document scanning services designed to meet your unique requirements


We know that for our business clients time means money.  Our state-of-the-art high speed duplex colour scanners allow us to scan over 100,000 document pages each day – scanned documents which can then be returned to you in a range of different formats including TIFF, PDF, GIF and JPG.

Working closely with clients is central to what we do; understanding how your business works helps us to offer you the best possible service and to maximise any potential improvements that document scanning can bring to your business processes.  We assign our clients an individual point of contact as we feel that this is the best way to deliver our scanning service to the highest possible standards, ensuring the project is delivered on both time and within budget.

Thanks to our central location in Bradford, we are able to offer our reliable and efficient document scanning services to clients throughout West Yorkshire and the north of England.

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If you would like more information on our range of document management and document scanning services, why not get in touch with one of our friendly team for further advice? Contacting Pro-Doc is easy: simply call 01274 883459.

document management solutions from Pro-Doc

The latest trends in electronic document management

Using electronic document storage can help save you time and money

Investing in document management systems whilst reducing reliance upon paper has long been seen as goal for UK businesses and organisations. Although the benefits of electronic document management systems are widely recognised, a surprising number of businesses are still failing to recognise and embrace the advantages of a paperless office.

A number of trends have recently emerged in document management and although many have been around for some time, only now are they becoming recognised as the norm. Here are a few examples of some existing and emerging trends in document management:

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration between colleagues is, of course, widely recognised as a way to enhance project outcomes. Sharing recourses, knowledge and experience can only be a good thing and by using cloud document storage, you’ll be taking a significant step in improving collaboration and efficiency. Cloud storage allows for documents to be updated and shared, whilst notes, ideas and details of discussions can be added and viewed by all involved.


  1. Improving workflow

Whilst project management systems offer a useful way to collaborate with colleagues, they usually work as stand-alone systems which require individual users to sign in to different software platforms. A cloud document storage system provides workflow which can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of different businesses; offering the capability to automatically direct documents to the relevant member of staff.


  1. Cloud document storage

Put simply, the cloud is where it’s at. Offering a highly effective, reliable way to digitally manage documents, cloud document storage can help you dramatically reduce the costs incurred by manually searing through and storing paper files. Cloud storage keeps documents safe and ready to be accessed whenever and wherever you need to. Information can be found using simple keyword search and thanks to the enhanced security provided by the latest systems, cloud document storage is widely viewed as the gold standard for managing electronic files.


Document management systems from Pro-Doc


If you would like to find out more about the benefits of electronic document management, or to discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are a specialist document management company based in Bradford, with many years of experience in providing safe, secure document management solutions, designed to help our clients save time, money and improve workflows.