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How could your business benefit from cloud based document storage?

The business benefits of cloud based document storage

In today’s digital world, businesses generate a vast amount of data and documents, which they need to store and manage securely. Traditionally, businesses have relied on physical storage methods, such as filing cabinets, paper records and on-premise servers. However, with the advent of cloud-based document storage systems, businesses can now store their data and documents in a secure, online environment. In this blog post, we will explore the business benefits of switching to a cloud-based document storage system.

Cut costs

One of the most significant benefits of switching to a cloud-based document storage system is the cost savings. Traditional on-premise document storage solutions require businesses to invest in expensive hardware, software, and IT staff. With cloud-based storage, businesses can store their data and documents in a secure, online environment, without having to invest in any additional hardware or software. Cloud storage providers typically charge on a subscription basis, which is much more affordable than purchasing and maintaining your own hardware and software.

Improve accessibility

Cloud-based document storage solutions offer businesses increased accessibility to their data and documents. With on-premise storage solutions, employees can only access documents when they are physically in the office. With cloud-based storage, however, employees can access documents from any location, at any time, provided they have an internet connection. This increased accessibility can help businesses to improve their productivity, as employees can work from home or on-the-go, without any disruptions.

Enhanced security

Security is a top concern for businesses when it comes to document storage. Physical storage methods, such as filing cabinets, are vulnerable to theft and damage, while on-premise servers can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cloud-based document storage solutions, on the other hand, offer a much higher level of security. Cloud storage providers typically have robust security measures in place, such as encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication. In addition, cloud-based storage providers offer regular data backups, ensuring that businesses’ data is protected in the event of a disaster.


Another benefit of cloud-based document storage solutions is scalability. As businesses grow, they generate more data and documents, which need to be stored securely. Traditional storage solutions can be difficult to scale, as businesses need to invest in additional hardware and software as they grow. With cloud-based storage, however, businesses can easily scale up or down as required. Cloud storage providers offer a range of subscription options, allowing businesses to choose the package that best suits their needs.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. With traditional storage solutions, collaborating on documents can be challenging, as employees need to physically access the document in question. With cloud-based storage solutions, however, collaboration is much easier. Employees can access documents from any location, at any time, and can collaborate in real-time using features such as document sharing and version control. This increased collaboration can help businesses to work more efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

Get in touch with PDM – the document management and storage experts

From cost savings to increased accessibility, improved security, scalability, and collaboration, businesses can benefit in many ways by moving to the cloud. At PDM, we offer a range of cloud-based document storage solutions, including hybrid mail services, scanning, data capture and cloud storage. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business to make the transition to the cloud.

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Is your business making the most of smart working?

Document management services designed to help you work smarter

In today’s business world, the term “smart working” is commonly used to describe a strategic approach to flexible and efficient work. By using modern technology to improve work-life balance, cut costs, and increase efficiency, smart working can be a game-changer for your business. At PDM, we offer a range of document management solutions that can help you work smarter and improve your business efficiency.

If your office is cluttered with mountains of unfiled paperwork, it’s hardly conducive to smart working. If you want to change the way you work, improving your document management systems is an excellent place to start. Efficient document management and storage have the potential to transform your business by cutting costs and improving efficiency. Our services cover all aspects of document management, including scanning services, data capture, and archive management.

Our document scanning service provides a great alternative to having to store large volumes of paperwork. We can scan your documents – regardless of their age, type or size – and convert them into an easily accessible format. Once scanned and digitized, we can use a range of techniques to capture data from files, ensuring they are easily accessible when you need them.

We also offer a range of document management and archive systems to suit all requirements. We can provide your documents in a wide range of media types or in a secure online transfer, suitable for integration with an existing storage system. Our archive management service ensures that once documents have been scanned and the data captured, you have a number of different options for accessing the information.

Last and by no means least, our hybrid mail service offers a cost-effective way to cut costs and improve efficiency by digitising the way you send and receive mail. Moving to a hybrid mail service is an efficient way to reduce the amount of time staff spend opening, sorting and distributing mail, whilst also making it easy to send letters at the touch of a button.

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At PDM, we believe that streamlining the way you manage, store, and retrieve documents will save you time and money while helping you free up physical storage space. Our document management solutions are cost-effective and ideal for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

To find out how our document management services can help you work smarter, please call 01274 883459 or email Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a customized solution that meets your needs.