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Thanks to the nature of their work, human resources departments are prone to being reliant on paperwork. From application forms and staff reviews, through to general staff management, HR teams tend to be extremely paper-centric. As a result, storage problems can easily arise as HR documents must be easy to access and stored for a certain length of time. However, as a business and its HR archive grows, storing and managing such a large amount of paperwork can become a problem.

Despite these issues, an increasing number are choosing to work towards the goal of a paperless office. It’s easy to understand why: it takes a huge amount of time to manage staff records and because records have to be retained for duration of employment and beyond (decades in the case of company pensions), the requirement to find a digital solution is becoming increasingly important.

Store and manage HR paperwork securely online

Digital document storage offers the ideal way for HR department to drastically reduce the amount of paper they add to an overcrowded document archive. Information can be accessed and shared instantly, making digital document storage an efficient, achievable option for your HR department.

It’s important to note though that although moving to a digital document storage system is a positive first step towards a paperless office, there’s still the problem of existing physical paper records. We can help with this too thanks to our scanning service.

Our powerful scanning equipment is able to scan hundreds of documents a day, converting them into digital files, designed to be stored, managed and searched electronically. Scanning documents in this way has the potential to transform the way your HR team work, improving efficiency, security and helping to reduce costs.

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Have you reached your document management pain point?

Put an end to the pain of managing paperwork with our document management solutions

There’s no doubt that managing paper documents can be very expensive, time consuming and frustrating when you take into account the costs of storage and consumables, combined with time spent searching through files!

At PDM we offer a range of document management services, designed to make storing and finding information as easy, efficient and enjoyable as possible. From archive management and scanning services, through to hybrid mail and data capture, we work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, helping them improve efficiency whilst saving time and increasing storage space.

The benefits of document management and storage?

Whether you need to find the information you need at the touch of a button, or dream of a streamlined, clutter free office, our document management solutions can help in a variety of ways:

  • Document management is highly secure and easy to use. Rather than searching through a filing cabinet or a pile of paper, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it. This is a great way to improve efficiency, save time and improve the way you communicate with clients or customers.

  • We’ll scan and digitise your documents, regardless of what size, shape or age. These digital documents will take up a tiny fraction of the space the paper originals did, enabling you to free up office and storage space.

  • Valuable paperwork and business-critical documents are protected from external risks such as fire, flood or theft.

  • Using a document management system means you’ll be able to view business documents regardless of where you are or what time of day it is.

  • Documents can be shared, printed or accessed by colleagues in seconds.

  • Our services are designed to be tailored to meet your requirements and we also offer specialist services for schools and legal businesses.

Take control of document management

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