What is data capture and how can your business benefit from using it?

Here at Professional Document Management (PDM) we offer a comprehensive data capture service designed to transform the way businesses manage their document archives. Data capture, in essence, refers to the process of converting information from physical documents into a digital format, making it easily accessible and searchable. This process is crucial, especially given the challenges posed by large physical document archives which, despite being well-organised, can be cumbersome to search through.

Data capture services for businesses and organisations

We provide a range of data capture services, offering varying levels of detail in data extraction, from capturing simple file titles to extracting multiple fields within documents for integration into numerous business applications, including accounts processing. This flexibility caters to diverse business needs, ensuring that relevant information is readily available when needed.

For instances where automatic document recognition is impractical, our data keying bureau steps in. This department excels in manually extracting data from documents with high accuracy. This manual intervention ensures that even the most complex or non-standardised documents are accurately digitised, allowing businesses to access and search their document archives swiftly.

In addition, at PDM we also use optical character recognition (OCR) technology as a part of our data capture services. This advanced technology is capable of converting physical documents into searchable digital formats with remarkable accuracy. This not only allows for fast searching of documents but also enables the conversion of paper documents into editable formats. For example, documents can be transformed for use in software applications like Microsoft Word, effectively converting static physical archives into dynamic, responsive documents.

The business benefits of data capture – get in touch to find out more

The business benefits of using our data capture services are significant. By digitising documents, businesses can reduce the physical space required for storing paper archives. The enhanced searchability and accessibility of information streamline internal processes, improve efficiency, and facilitate better decision-making. Moreover, the ability to transform documents into editable digital formats fosters a more agile and responsive business environment. Our data capture services not only aid in effective document management but also play a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey of businesses​​. Get in touch to find out more.