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GDPR is almost here!

Are you ready to meet your GDPR data management obligations?

With only two days to go until the new GDPR regulations come into force, the chances are that you’re being inundated with emails from companies keen to ensure you agree to continue to receive information from them. If you run your own business, the GDPR regulations can seem daunting and stressful , however they do offer a way to make sure that your customers’ personal information is safe, secure and protected.

Your GDPR checklist

• Make sure you know and understand the personal data you store. Whether it’s names, addresses, email addresses, bank details or IP addresses, it is important to know where the information is coming from, where it’s going and how you plan to use it.
• Do you rely on consent to process personal data? If you do, for example as part of your marketing strategy, this sort of activity could become more difficult under GDPR. Once GDPR is here, you’ll need to ensure that the consent you’ve been given is clear, explicit and specific.
• Take a close look at document security as you’re likely to need to update it. If you’re documents and data aren’t secure at the moment, you’ll need to act quickly to put a system in place.
• Ensure your team are fully trained and should a serious data breach occur, it must be reported within 72 hours. With this in mind, it’s a good ideal to make sure your employees understand what a serious data breach is and integrate systems to flag up problems before a serious problem arises.

Secure document management solutions from Pro-Doc

Regardless of the size of your business, it goes without saying that sensitive information must be stored securely. We help our clients find the best document management system for them, providing ways to improve security, free-up storage space and improve efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you improve the way you store and manage data, why not get in touch for further information on our document management services?

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Safe and secure document management services for law firms

Specialist legal scan and document management services from Pro-Doc

The way in which businesses manage and store paperwork and documents has changed beyond all recognition over the last few years thanks to advances in cloud-based storage, scanning and more. The advantages of electronic document management are clear, however many law firms still have concerns about the security of storing sensitive information online. With this in mind, here at Pro-Doc we have developed a range of specialist document management services for law firms and we thought we’d run through some of the advantages electronic document storage could offer:

  • A good document management system will help you to improve efficiency. When stored online, legal documents are easy to access, search and share, whilst also be safe and secure. Unlike traditional document storage, online storage also allows you to free up valuable space – a relatively simple thing but one which can make a huge difference to efficiency.
  • We know that security is of paramount importance to law firms but by ensuring sensitive client documents have permission-based access, only lawyers working on a particular case will have access.
  • Having worked with law firms for many years, in our experience many fail to recover the document reproduction costs associated with each particular case. This is understandable as it can be difficult and time consuming to quantify costs on a case by case basis, however by using our legal copying service, we can help you accurately record and then recover copying costs.
  • Our e-disclosure service is designed to capture, collect, restore, manipulate and search large volumes of the documents which are used in the process of civil litigation. Offering a cost-effective way to locate relevant documents amongst numerous randomly stored unsorted files, our e-disclosure service results in a complete document library to enable full disclosure.

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These are just a few examples of how our specialist legal scan and document management services could help you improve efficiency and cut costs. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.