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‘Smart working’ is a phrase you might well have heard of recently, used to describe a business-savvy approach to the workplace. A strategic approach to flexible efficient working, smart working makes the most of modern technology to improve efficiency, cut costs and ensure a healthy work-life balance. In the light of the pandemic, smart working is becoming an increasingly important strategy for many businesses, as they cope with the challenges posed by teams who work remotely.

We offer a range of document management solutions, designed to help you work smarter and improve the efficiency of your business. A badly organised office, littered with mountains of paperwork is hardly conducive to smart working. So, if this sounds familiar and you’d like to change the way you work, improving your document management systems seems like the best place to start.

Transform the way you manage, store and share your data

Efficient document management and storage has the potential to transform your business; helping you streamline systems and reduce costs. Our services cover all aspects of document management including:

  • Scanning services: if you have documents and records you need to access on a regular basis, document scanning provides a great alternative to having to store large volumes of paperwork. We’ll scan your documents – regardless of their age, type or size – converting them into an easily accessible format.

  • Data capture: not only do physical paper documents take up a great deal of space, they are extremely time-consuming to search – even if they are efficiently organised and stored. Once scanned and digitised, we can use a range of techniques to capture the data from files, ensuring they are easily accessible and that you can find the data when you need it.

  • Archive management: once documents have been scanned and the data capture, we can offer you a number of different options for accessing the information. We can provide your documents in a huge range of media types or in a secure online transfer, suitable for integration with an existing storage system. We also offer a range of document management and archive systems to suit all requirements; from basic free systems, through cloud-based systems.

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Improving the way you manage, store and retrieve documents will save you time and money whilst helping you free up the amount of physical storage space you need. A cost-effective way to work smarter, our document management solutions are ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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Cost-effective document storage solutions designed for HR departments

Because of the nature of their crucial role in a business, human resources departments have always been paperwork heavy. From application forms, through to staff reviews and staff management, to processes used by HR teams tend to be very reliant on paper documents.

Storage problems can easily arise as HR documents must be easy to access and stored for a certain length of time. However, as a business and its HR archive grows, storing and managing such a large amount of paperwork can rapidly become a problem.

Although human resources departments tend to be resource-heavy, an increasing number are choosing to work towards a paperless office. It’s not hard to understand why: it takes a massive amount of time to manage staff records. In addition, because records have to be retained for duration of employment and beyond (decades in the case of company pensions), the requirement to find a digital solution is increasingly pressing for many HR departments.

Store and manage HR paperwork with a digital document storage solution

Digital document storage offers a secure and highly efficient way for HR department to drastically reduce the amount of paper they add to an overcrowded document archive. Information can be accessed and shared instantly, making digital document storage an efficient, achievable option for your HR department.

It’s important to note though that although moving to a digital document storage system is a positive first step towards a paperless office, this still leaves the problem of existing physical paper records. We can help with this too, thanks to our cost-effective document scanning service. We have powerful scanning equipment which is able to scan hundreds of documents a day, converting them into digital files, designed to be stored, managed and searched electronically. Scanning documents in this way has the potential to transform the way your HR team work; improving efficiency and security, whilst helping to cut costs.

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We provide a range of cost-effective services ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes. To discover how digital document management could transform your business processes, get in touch with PDM by calling 01274 884359 or email