archive management

Managing historical documents

Document management solutions from PDM

If you work with historical documents or archives, you’ll be all to aware of the challenges of managing and storing this type of documentation. Here at PDM we offer a range of document management and storage services, with options to suit all requirements.

Document scanning

Archive management starts with document scanning. Here at PDM we have a range of high quality scanning equipment with the capability to scan thousands of documents per day. The vast majority of documents are suitable for scanning; from historical records through to tiny items the size of postage stamps, up to large documents such as architectural plans.

Archive management

Once documents have been scanned, the data from them can be captured, ready to be digitally stored. Digital documents don’t take up any storage space and can be easily searched to find the information you need quickly and easily.

We offer a range of document storage options in a selection of media types. Documents can be either managed within your own existing system or we can offer a range of document management and archive systems to suit your own requirements.

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Digital document management offers a number of advantages, not least in terms security and efficiency. If you would like to find out how digital archive management could help you improve the way you store, access and manage historical documents, get in touch with us by calling 01272 883459 or email

HR document storage

Is your HR department over-burdened by paperwork?

Document storage solutions designed for HR departments

Due to the nature of their work, human resources departments have always been very reliant on paperwork. From application forms, through to staff reviews and staff management, to processes used by HR teams tend to be very paper-heavy. Storage problems can easily arise as HR documents must be easy to access and stored for a certain length of time. However as a business and its HR archive grows, storing and managing such a large amount of paperwork can become a problem.

Although human resources departments are very resource-heavy, an increasing number are choosing to work towards the goal of a paperless office. It’s not difficult to understand why: it takes a huge amount of time to manage staff records and because records have to be retained for duration of employment and beyond (decades in the case of company pensions), the requirement to find a digital solution is becoming increasingly pressing for many HR departments.

Store and manage HR paperwork with a digital document storage solution

Digital document storage offers the ideal way for HR department to drastically reduce the amount of paper they add to an overcrowded document archive. Information can be accessed and shared instantly, making digital document storage an efficient, achievable option for your HR department.

It’s important to note though that although moving to a digital document storage system is a positive first step towards a paperless office, there’s still the problem of existing physical paper records. We can help with this too thanks to our scanning service. Our powerful scanning equipment is able to scan hundreds of documents a day, converting them into digital files, designed to be stored, managed and searched electronically. Scanning documents in this way has the potential to transform the way your HR team work, improving efficiency, security and helping to reduce costs.

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We provide a range of cost-effective services ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes. To discover how digital document management could transform your business processes, get in touch with PDM by calling 01274 884359 or email

document management storage solutions

Spring is here so why not spring clean your office paperwork?

Document management and storage solutions provided by PDM

Spring is well and truly here so what better opportunity to tackle all those unfiled documents and bulging filing cabinets! Even the smallest business has documents and records which need to be stored and over time, it’s very easy for the amount of paperwork you keep to get out of control. If paperwork isn’t properly managed and stored, it can start to take over, making it virtually impossible to find the information you need.

Here at PDM we offer a wide range of cost-effective services, designed to help businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes organised and manage their documents more efficiently and effectively. Poor document management can lead to inefficient business process, customer dissatisfaction and expensive errors. With this in mind, a spring clean of your paperwork and business documents could provide a range of real benefits including:

  • Make more space: scanning and converting documents into digital files means they can be stored online in a safe, secure cloud storage system. Document scanning is suitable for documents of all sizes and shapes, including legal documents, accounts, archives and architectural plans. Online document storage helps to significantly reduce the amount of physical storage space required, making a better working environment.
  • Improved efficiency and workflow: once documents have been digitised they can be found and instantly accessed by whoever needs them. Not only does this save signifiant amounts of time that would otherwise have been spent searching through paperwork, it also make data sharing much easier and more efficient.
  • Increased security: storing documents online helps to improve security protecting against damage from fire and flood. In addition, documents are safe from the risk of physical theft.

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We offer a range of document management services including document scanning, data capture and archive management. In addition, we also offer a number of specialist services designed to meet the unique requirements of schools and legal businesses.

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