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Spring is here -what better time to de-clutter the office and reduce paperwork?

Document management and storage solutions provided by PDM

Spring has well and truly sprung , offering the ideal opportunity to tackle all those unfiled documents and bulging filing cabinets! Even the smallest business has documents and records which need to be stored and over time, which means that it’s very easy for paperwork to get out of hand. If paperwork isn’t properly managed and stored, it can start to take over, making it virtually impossible to find the information you need.

Transform your office with our document management solutions

Here at PDM we offer a wide range of cost-effective services, designed to help businesses and organisations of all sizes organise and manage their documents efficiently and effectively. Chaotic document management can lead to inefficient business process, customer dissatisfaction and costly errors. With this in mind, a spring clean of your paperwork and business documents could provide a range of real benefits including:

  • Improved efficiency and workflow: once documents have been digitised they can be found and instantly accessed by whoever needs them. Not only does this save significant amounts of time that would otherwise have been spent searching through paperwork, it also make data sharing much easier and more efficient.

  • Make more space: scanning and converting documents into digital files means they can be stored online in a safe, secure cloud storage system. Document scanning is suitable for documents of all sizes and shapes, including legal documents, accounts, archives and architectural plans. Online document storage helps to significantly reduce the amount of physical storage space required, making a better working environment.

  • Increased security: storing documents online helps to improve security protecting against damage from fire and flood. In addition, documents are safe from the risk of physical theft.

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We offer a range of document management services including document scanning, data capture and archive management. In addition, we also offer a number of specialist services designed to meet the unique requirements of schools and legal businesses.

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Discover how document management can transform the way you run your business

Professional document management services from PDM

Moving from a paper-based system not only offers a highly-effective way to free up space, it can also help you save time and money whilst improving efficiency. At PDM we offer a wide range of services suitable for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. We can provide you with the systems you need to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

‘Document management’ is an umbrella term which can be used describe a range of systems and services. Here’s how we can help you use document management to streamline your business:

  • Scanning services: we’ll take your paper documents, scan them and convert them into digital files. Scanning is suitable for all types of documents, from architectural plans and legal contracts, through to accounting paperwork and HR records. Once scanned, documents can be converted into searchable digital files, designed to be accessed at the touch of a button.
  • Data capture: once documents have been scanned, we’ll capture the data you want to enable you to find the information you need as quickly as possible. We can capture data from files in a level of data that suits you: whether you just need the titles or multiple fields within documents. Data capture makes forward processing easy and is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as Accounts Processing, for example.
  • PIQNIC: PIQNIC is an innovative archive management system which finds strategies to improve productivity, connect teams and bring information and workflows together in one place. We are UK PIQNIC certified partners and can help you make the most of this smart, powerful software platform.
  • PDM mail room services: PDM-Post is our hybrid mail room service, designed to make sending and receiving mail from your desktop easy and cost-effective. Switching to PDM-Post can help you save money and improve efficiency.

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PDM-Post business mail services

How a digital mail-room could help your business work smarter

The majority of businesses still rely on sending and receiving paper post, despite the fact that many are still working from home under current lock down regulations. Sorting, distributing and sending traditional paper post is a very inefficient way to work and manage a mail room, especially when staff are scattered far and wide and working from different locations. Although moving to an automated digital mail service might seem like a daunting prospect, making the switch offers rewards in terms of improved efficiency and better utilisation of resources.

Transform your business with PDM-Post digital mail services

At PDM we offer a range of hybrid mail services, designed to help businesses improve efficiency and work smarter. Our services cover outgoing and incoming mail which can be sent or received directly to your desktop. Here are just a few examples of how PDM-Post could benefit your business:

  • Reduce operational costs: PDM-Post provides efficient, quick access to incoming mail, enabling your business to slash operational costs, whilst giving employees more time on more productive tasks.
  • Improved security: you’ll have the option to restrict employee access and guarantee confidentiality. In addition, opting for a digital mail-room solution eliminates the risk of damage, accidental loss or breaches in confidentiality.
  • Instant access: perhaps one of the biggest benefits offered by hybrid mail in the current climate and going forward is the ability to have instant access to incoming mail regardless of where you might be. It is this flexible, remote access which enables businesses to respond to queries quickly whilst speeding up key business transactions.

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