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Is your head in the clouds?

The future looks bright for cloud storage solutions

Whereas talk of ‘paperless offices’ once seemed like something from science fiction, thanks to rapid developments in the technology behind today’s document management solutions, the dream of a paperless office looks set to become reality. This is great news on two fronts, particularly for businesses keen to reduce wastage and improve efficiency and in terms of the reduction in storage space and admin costs it could offer.

Cloud document storage solutions from PDM

Please excuse the pun but if you’ve missed out on making the most of the latest cloud document storage solutions, your head must have been in the clouds. Sorry! Anyway, if you don’t know what cloud storage is, it is simply the term used to refer to the practice of using remote services to store, process and manage data. Think of it as a vast virtual filing cabinet with enough space to store all your documents without taking up a single square inch of physical storage space. Sounds good doesn’t it and thanks to the benefits cloud storage offers in terms of security, efficiency, data recovery and ‘shareability’, it is now widely used by millions of businesses of all sizes across the globe.

No need to compromise on document security

One of the first concerns for many businesses is, understandably, the security of cloud storage. There’s an element of risk to all forms of storage; after all paper documents are easily lost, damaged or destroyed. Cloud storage IS safe and secure and the benefits it offers far outweigh any negligible risk.

It’s worth bearing in mind that although the concept of storing business-critical paperwork in a virtual filing cabinet might seem scary if you’ve never tried it before, sending email once felt like this to many people! Electronic document management will soon be seen in the same way, with businesses coming to rely upon it just as they now rely upon email.

Cloud storage solutions from PDM

Here at PDM we work with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes, providing safe, secure and reliable online storage solutions. The ideal way to improve efficiency, encourage collaborative working and free up physical storage space, cloud storage offers significant benefits.

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Worried about sensitive documents? Keep them safe and secure with a document management system

Document management systems from PDM

Every now and then there’s a story in the news about a senior politician or civil servant leaving highly sensitive documents on the train or a bus. Not only is this sort of scenario a nightmare for government, it’s can also prove hugely stressful and problematic for businesses.

The single most effective way to avoid a stressful situation such as this is through digital document management and here at PDM we provide businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes a range of cost-effective solutions:

Document scanning: having business-critical paperwork scanned is the first step in converting them into security digital versions. Document scanning offers an effective way to save paperwork from being lost, damaged or stolen whilst travelling, whilst also helping you save on physical document storage space. Once scanned, digital documents can be easily indexed, allowing you to search documents quickly to find the information you need.

Data capture: this is the process used to ‘capture’ the information you need from scanned documents. Not only do physical documents take up large amounts of space, they can also be extremely time consuming to search through. Once we’ve scanned and digitised your documents, a number of methods can be used to capture the data within files, ensuring it’s ready to access as and when you need it.

Document management: not only is a document management system a highly effective way to prevent important information from being lost or damaged, it could also enable you to improve efficiency and streamline your business. Perfect for any organisation which needs to access files and information from a range of different locations, digital document management is a bit like having a filing cabinet stored in your tablet or laptop!

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At PDM we work with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes, from commercial companies and legal firms, through to schools and colleges. We can provide you with tailor made solutions, designed to meet the individual requirements of your business, so to find out more, why not get in touch with us today?