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Revolutionise Your Historical Document Management with PDM’s Solutions

Efficiently managing and storing historical documents and archives can be quite a challenge. At PDM, we understand the complexities involved, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of document management and storage services tailored to your specific needs.

Streamlined Document Scanning

The first step in archive management is document scanning, and at PDM, we possess cutting-edge scanning equipment capable of processing thousands of documents per day. Whether you’re dealing with historical records, postage stamp-sized items, or large architectural plans, our high-quality scanners can handle them all.

Seamless Archive Management

Once the documents are scanned, their data is meticulously captured and made ready for digital storage. Digital documents have the advantage of not occupying physical space and can be effortlessly searched for quick and easy access to the information you require.

Flexible Document Storage Solutions

PDM offers an array of document storage options across various media types. You can choose to manage your documents within your existing system or opt for our bespoke document management and archive systems tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact PDM for Further Details

Digital document management brings a multitude of benefits, particularly in terms of security and efficiency. To discover how our digital archive management solutions can revolutionise the way you store, access, and manage historical documents, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at 01272 883459 or email us at

Upgrade your historical document management practices with PDM’s advanced solutions and experience the difference for yourself.

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Enhancing document management processes in educational institutions

As the demanding summer term draws to a close, headteachers and school administrators eagerly anticipate a well-deserved break. However, the fleeting nature of the summer holidays means that September and a new academic year will swiftly approach. It’s no secret that many schools and colleges struggle to effectively handle and store the vast amount of data they accumulate. With stringent guidelines on safeguarding and data usage, implementing an efficient document management system can significantly enhance efficiency and document security.

Our comprehensive solutions

We have developed a range of document management services specifically tailored to assist schools, colleges, and universities in managing and securing their data handling and storage practices. In 2016, the Department of Education released the document “Keeping Children Safe in Education: Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges,” which emphasised the responsibility educational institutions have in maintaining accurate records. The guidance stated that “all concerns, discussions, and decisions made, along with the reasons for those decisions, should be recorded in writing.” Consequently, an increasing number of schools and colleges have adopted software designed to address safeguarding, child protection, and a broad spectrum of welfare issues from a centralised repository.

Meeting safeguarding guidelines with ease

With over 15 years of experience in scanning and digitising records for various organisations, we understand the paramount importance of security, reliability, and confidentiality. Our well-tested and audited system ensures that your paper records are swiftly and securely digitised, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your safeguarding software.

Get in touch with PDM – the document management experts

To learn more about our comprehensive document management services catered specifically to schools and colleges, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at 01274 883459 or via email at We are committed to assisting educational institutions in streamlining their document management processes for improved efficiency and enhanced security.