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Document scanning: the space saving solution to document storage

Cost-effective scanning services from one of Yorkshire’s leading document imaging companies

If you still rely upon filing cabinets and paper documents, it’s time to start thinking about an alternative solution. Not only do paper documents take up significant amounts of office space, they’re time consuming to search and are at risk of loss or damage.Digital imaging is one of a number of cost effective document management solutions available which could help you improve efficiency and security, whilst reducing the amount of physical storage space you need.

Our document scanning service

Here at PDM we use high speed duplex colour scanners which have the capacity to scan over 100,00 documents each week. We have the expertise to scan on demand everything from invoices and legal documents, through to architectural plans and historical archives. Size isn’t an issue as our equipment can be used to scan tiny, postage stamp sized documents, through to large format documents or drawings larger than A0 size. Ideal for all businesses and organisations, digital imaging and scanning is now widely used by accounts payable departments, human resources, legal firms, schools and colleges as a cost effective solution to record scanning and data capture.

The next step towards effective document management

Once your documents have been scanned and digitised they can be saved in a range of digital formats, depending on your individual requirements. The next step is data capture and we offer a range of options, designed to make the information within your digital documents easy to find. It is possible to capture data in a different levels of details; for example you might simply need to capture document titles, or multiple fields within each document to allow for forward processing through other business applications.

Following data capture we can then offer you a choice of different document management software solutions, depending on how you’d prefer to access the information. Digital document managements systems are safe and secure and will help you free up storage space whilst providing you with instant access to information as and when you need it.

Transform your business with our document scanning and document management services

If you’re struggling to find storage space for paperwork or are searching for a way to improve efficiency and streamline the way you manage your business, our professional document scanning services provide a cost-effective, efficient solution.

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Two down, one to go!

all3 copy

You might have used the first two in the past but would never use them now.

The third is the oldest and most antiquated and yet many organisations still trust paper to store their records and valuable data.

Join the many organisations going paperless.

At PDM help clients to go paperless and to be more efficient.

That important document is no longer missing or with someone else.

It is also easy to search and retrieve documents.

So, if you want to avoid wasting time searching through boxes, filing cabinets and stacks of paper contact us today.

document management and storage solutions from PDM

Are you smart working?

Document management solutions designed to help you work smarter

Smart working is one of the latest sound bites used to describe a business-savvy approach to the workplace. A strategic approach to flexible, efficient working, smart working makes the most of modern technology to improve efficiency, cut costs and improve work-life balance.

Here at PDM we offer a range of document management solutions, designed to help you work smarter and improve the efficiency of your business. A badly organised, cluttered office, littered with mountains of unfiled paperwork is hardly conducive to smart working. If this sounds familiar and you’d like to change the way you work, improving your document management systems seems like a very good place to start!

Improving the way you manage, store and share your data

Efficient document management and storage has the potential to transform your business; helping you improve efficiency and cut costs. Our services cover all aspects of document management such as:

  • Scanning services: if you have documents and records you need to access on a regular basis, document scanning provides a great alternative to having to store large volumes of paperwork. We’ll scan your documents – regardless of their age, type or size – converting them into an easily accessible format.
  • Data capture: not only do physical paper documents take up a great deal of space, they are extremely time-consuming to search – even if they are efficiently organised and stored. Once scanned and digitised, we can use a range of techniques to capture the data from files, ensuring they are easily accessible and that you can find the data when you need it.
  • Archive management: once documents have been scanned and the data capture, we can offer you a number of different options for accessing the information. We can provide your documents in a huge range of media types or in a secure online transfer, suitable for integration with an existing storage system. We also offer a range of document management and archive systems to suit all requirements; from basic free systems, through cloud-based systems.

Contact us to find out how our document management services could help you work smarter

Streamlining the way you manage, store and retrieve documents will save you time and money whilst helping you free up the amount of physical storage space you need. A cost-effective way to work smarter, our document management solutions are ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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