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Covid-19 makes digital document management a priority

Although many businesses would like to switch to a digital document management system, they’re often deterred by misconceptions surrounding complexity, concerns that they have too many paper-based systems or a company culture that’s slow to embrace change. Despite this, the Covid-19 pandemic has kick-started a rising trend towards digital business processes, forcing businesses to take the plunge and upgrade or transform their approach to document management. If yours is one of the businesses yet to make the change, don’t think it’s time to make the move and enjoy the benefits of digitisation?

Digitisation gets into gear

According to a survey carried out by McKinsey Global in May 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic led to businesses urgently seeking for ways to empower remote staff working, build business resilience, reduce a reliance on manual processes and ensure visibility of workflow. As such, for many companies, digitisation of their systems became an immediate priority, forcing them to accelerate their plans by three to four years.

In the past, digitisation was often just seen as a way to cut costs. However, thanks to the pandemic, digitisation and the use of technology rose to the top of the list of critical business components.

The benefits of digitisation for your businesses

Switching digital document management not only helps reduce costs but also offers a number of benefits for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples of how digital document management can help you:

  • storage space of paper documents is reduced resulting in a tidy and efficient workplace
  • documents are easy to find, fully searchable and can be shared amongst members of staff or departments in seconds
  • documents are stored securely
  • documents and the information stored inside them can be accessed at the touch of a button – regardless of where you are
  • systems are streamlined, efficiency improves and valuable time isn’t wasted on managing and storing paperwork
  • switching to a digitised systems is simple and straightforward

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of digitisation for your business, please get in touch.

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The business benefits of hybrid mail

Our hybrid mail service has been developed by us with the aim of helping our clients streamline their business processes and improve efficiency. So, what is PDM-Post hybrid mail and how does it work?

PDM-Post covers both outgoing mail and incoming mail. Using our outgoing mail service is simple as letters are uploaded by the user to our fully secure PDM-Post portal. Correspondence can either be uploaded either as individual letters or in bulk. Post codes are validated before items are sent, therefore eliminating the expense of incorrectly addressed items. Verification of posting is sent to you via the PDM-Post portal and you’ll also receive a notification of letters which have been returned as undelivered. Lastly, a copy of every letter you send will be stored in the PDM-Post portal.

Incoming mail is received into a dedicated PO box and then delivered to our fully secure processing centre. Once received, hard copy mail is opened and the contents digitally captured before being sent directly our PDM-Post portal inbox. From this point onwards, you’ll be able to download your mail and incorporate it into the system of your choice.

How can moving to hybrid mail benefit your organisation?

Moving to our hybrid mail service offers businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. From reduced printing costs and a reduction in paper consumption, through to the eradication of expensive franking machines, switching from a traditional postal system through to hybrid mail can help you make big savings.

It isn’t all about costs though as the other significant advantage of moving to hybrid mail is the benefits is an improvement in efficiency. Staff time is freed up, allowing them to concentrate on more productive tasks instead of sending and receiving mail.

If you’d like to find out more about our hybrid mail services and how they could save your business time and money, why not get in touch?