PDM-Post business mail services

Using our PDM-Post service can help you save time and money

Sending bulk mail can be expensive, not only costing considerable amounts of money, but also taking up lots of staff time. Our PDM-Post service has been designed to help organisations of all sizes cut the cost of printing and processing both inbound and outbound mail.

PDM-Post can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your business or organisation. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer – you have the option to use the entire service or just one element:

PDM-Post Incoming Mail

• Mail is collected from a dedicated PO box and delivered to our secure production centre.
• Your hard copy mail is opened and digitally captured.
• Your mail is sent directly to your PDM-Post portal inbox.
• From our secure PDM-Post portal your mail can be downloaded and then incorporated into a system of your choice.
• As an option mail items can be named and sorted as you require, this could be using the date received, the details of the sender, and the individual recipient. This metadata is also available in a variety of formats which could enable the direct import to your existing systems.

PDM-Post Outgoing Hybrid Mail

• Letters are uploaded by the user to the PDM-Post portal. This can be done using a variety of formats including Microsoft Word or PDF. They can be uploaded individually or en-mass.
• All post codes are validated prior to postage which eliminates the cost of incorrectly addressed items.
• Verification of posting using the PDM-Post portal.
• Notification is made to you for any letters returned e.g. people have moved away.
• A copy of each letter sent will be stored in the PDM-Post portal.

The benefits of PDM-Post

Using PDM-Post offers a range of cost-effective benefits:
1. Reduced printing costs.
2. Staff can spend time doing productive tasks instead of processing in/outbound mail.
3. No further need for costly franking machines, toner etc.
4. Lower cost per envelope and postal charges.
5. No minimum volumes
6. Paper consumption reduced.
7. You are can chose to use either or both services.

Sending and receiving mail directly to and from your desktop offers substantial savings on mail costs.

If you would like to find out more about how our PDM-Post service could save you time and money, get in touch by calling 01274 883459 or email info@pro-doc.co.uk

document management systems

Improve efficiency and cut costs with our microfiche document scanning service

Once an essential way to store data such as plans, information or drawings, microfiche was widely used by engineering, finance and human resources departments. Although microfiche is now an outdated technology, for many businesses it’s essential that they are able to access the information stored on microfiche documents. However, accessing the information isn’t always straightforward and can result in a range of problems including:

  • Unlike digital files, files stored on microfiche cannot be indexed. This makes it difficult and time consuming for staff to find the information they need.

  • Unlike digital files, the information stored on microfiche cannot be easily shared. This means that the costs of sharing the information can easily spiral, whilst there is the ever present danger that the information can be lost in transit.

  • Reading microfiche documents requires special equipment which can cost as much as £1000. In addition, as this type of equipment is rapidly becoming obsolete, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of.

Document scanning services

Not only does document scanning help improve efficiency and cut costs, it will also dramatically reduce the amount of physical storage space you need. Unlike their microfiche or paper counterparts, digital documents take up no storage space at all, whilst ensuring they are fully secure and can be accessed at the touch of a button.

At PDM we offer a range of cost-effective document scanning services, designed to help businesses and organisations reduce costs and improve efficiency. Ideal for converting microfiche documents in PDFs or any other format you require, we have the capability to scan information quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with PDM

If you would like to find out more about our microfiche document scanning service, or to talk through your individual requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01274 883459.