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Is shredding the best way to destroy out-of-date data?

Electronic document management systems from Pro-Doc

The answer to this question is no, not necessarily! Thanks to advances in the technology behind scanning and document management technology, there’s been a significant shift from our reliance on paper to regular use of electronic document storage. However, despite the fact that paper documentation can be lost or damaged, they can also be used if absolute proof is required. With this in mind, many businesses – especially those in the legal sector – find having an archive store of paper documentation extremely comforting and it’s this reliance upon paper which deters them from taking advantage of the wide range of document storage solutions available.

Granted the prospect of an entirely paperless office is still some way off, the move towards paperless document storage systems seems unstoppable. However, even in this new age of cloud storage and electronic filing, destroying paper documentation can feel very drastic, making many companies reluctant to move towards an entirely digital system.

Most paper documents are shred because they are no longer needed and with the intention of freeing up what is usually much needed storage space. However, there are documents to which the normal rules don’t apply and title deeds, tax documents, leases, wills etc. must be kept. On the other hand, there is a general misconception that this type of important documentation has to be stored in its original paper format but this is not the case. If digital documents are captured, stored and managed correctly, they are just as valid as their paper counterparts.

Solve storage problems and streamline processes

Moving to an electronic document management system is a sensible decision for several reasons. Not only does efficient document management mean so much than scanning and storing documents digitally, it also offers the capability to capture data to drive fully automated electronic processes. There’s no doubt that electronic document management is an excellent way to help solve problems of physical storage, it can also prove revolutionary when used as to track payments, for example, or to automatically approve a range of legal documents.

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Whether you decide to move your business onto a cloud based storage solution, or to make use of a bulk scanning service, electronic document management is transforming from a state-of-the-art luxury to a business essential. To find out more about the benefits of electronic document management, or to talk through the best solutions for your business, why not get in touch with Pro-Doc today?

document management services from Pro-Doc

Secure document management services from Pro-Doc

Document management services designed to help you maximise your business’s potential

Today’s business world is highly competitive and with this in mind it’s vital that you’re able to store your documents somewhere that is safe and secure whilst allowing instant access. This is where Pro-Doc come in by offering a range of efficient professional document management services, designed to help our clients do what they do best: run their businesses.

Solutions for businesses of all sizes

A number of different professional document management services are available, designed to be tailored to meet the varying requirements of different businesses and industries. Regardless of the size of your company, or the volume or condition of your businesses’ documentation, we’ll work with you to find a solution that allows you to access the information you need when you need it.

Storing documents in a digital format, rather than in a traditional filing cabinet, is an excellent way to free up storage space. The vast majority of documents can be scanned, regardless of their size, type or how old they are. Here at Pro-Doc we use highly efficient digital scanning systems to scan multiple documents incredibly quickly, ready for them to be stored as digital files, ready to be accessed as and when you need them. Our scanning services can be used to scan everything from invoices and legal documents, through to architectural plans and historical archives.

Access information at the touch of a button

Once documents have been scanned, you’ll need to be able access the information that’s stored within them. We use OCR – optical character recognition – to create fully searchable digital documents, designed to enable our clients to find the information they need, whether it’s the name of a file or just a particular word, at the touch of a button.

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If you’d like to find a way to streamline your businesses process, improve security and free up storage space, why not get in touch with us to talk through the range of options available? Here at Pro-Doc we provide document storage solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes so please contact us to discuss your requirements.