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We often talk about the benefit of digital document management, however once you’ve made the switch to a digital approach to document management and storage, what’s the best way to ensure you get maximum benefit from your new system?

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With this in mind, here are some practical ways to ensure you and your business reap the benefits of taking a new and more efficient approach to document management and storage:

1. First, choose a digital document management system that fits the needs of your organisation.
2. Create a naming and filing structure that is intuitive and easy to navigate.
3. Ensure that all employees have access to the system and are trained on its use.
4. Implement a regular cleaning and organising routine to keep the system up-to-date and clutter-free.
5. Utilise features such as version control and automatic backup to prevent loss of important documents.
6. Encourage collaboration and sharing among team members, using the system as a central repository for shared documents.
7. Use security measures such as passwords and permissions to protect sensitive information.
8. Consider integrating the system with other business tools, such as project management software or customer relationship management systems.
9. Regularly review and update the system to ensure it remains effective and efficient.
10. Monitor usage and analyse data to continually improve the system and maximize its benefits for the organization.

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Make 2023 the year you transform your approach to document management and storage

Not long to go now until Christmas and this is a good time to think about making resolutions for the year ahead. This year, rather than setting yourself the usual challenges, why not look new ways to take control of the way you manage and store your businesses documents?

Taking a new approach to document management and storage can offer a huge range of benefits, not least in terms of being able to find documents when you need them! Furthermore, efficient document management means more than a tidy office and when done correctly, can help you save significant amounts of time and money. Here are a few examples of how improving your approach to document management could transform the way you run your business:

1. Although a tidy office is just one benefit of efficient document management, it’s important not to underestimate the power of de-cluttering. Not only does a tidy office look professional, it will also go a long way towards helping to boost the image of a business.
2. Digital document management offers an unbeatable way to improve efficiency as rather than wasting time searching paperwork, documents can be searched and then shared, if necessary, at the touch of a button. This improvement in efficiency enables teams to complete work quickly and meet important deadlines.
3. Having to shift through piles of unfiled paperwork which has to be sorted through by hand to find information is needlessly time consuming. Switching to a digital document system is a highly effective way to solve this issue and isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Documents are scanned using powerful high resolution scanners and are then converted into a digital format designed to be stored electronically in the format of your choice. Digital documents can be searched and shared in seconds and scanning is ideal for a huge range of documents; from architectural plans and invoices, through to historical archives, legal documents and medical records.
4. An additional consideration which is often overlooked is that paper documents are highly susceptible to loss and damage; for the majority of businesses the loss of all paperwork in a fire or flood would be devastating. With this in mind, the safest solution is to store information online rather than in a filling cabinet. Online document storage is highly secure and information can be assessed as and when you need it, regardless of where you are.

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