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Spring has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to declutter your office and reduce paperwork. No matter the size of your business, managing and storing documents can be a challenge over time. If left unchecked, paperwork can quickly become overwhelming and hinder your ability to find important information when you need it.

Document management systems from the document management specialists

Fortunately, PDM offers a wide range of cost-effective document management and storage solutions to help businesses of all sizes organize their documents more efficiently. Disorganized document management can lead to inefficient business processes, customer dissatisfaction, and costly errors. A spring cleaning of your paperwork and business documents can bring many benefits, including:

• Improved efficiency and workflow: Once documents are digitized, they can be accessed instantly by anyone who needs them. This saves significant amounts of time that would otherwise have been spent searching through paperwork, and it makes data sharing more efficient.
• More space: Scanning and converting documents into digital files means they can be stored online in a safe, secure cloud storage system. This helps reduce the amount of physical storage space required, which makes for a better working environment.
• Increased security: Storing documents online helps to improve security by protecting against damage from fire and flood, as well as the risk of physical theft.

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Here at PDM we offer a range of document management services, including document scanning, data capture, and archive management. We also offer specialist services designed to meet the unique requirements of schools and legal businesses.

If you’re looking to save time and money while improving efficiency, get in touch with PDM, the document management specialists, by calling 01274 883459 or emailing We can help you transform your office and take control of your documents.

PDM-Post business mail services

How our hybrid mail service can save you time and money

Here at PDM we now offer a hybrid mail service that provides a cost-effective, secure alternative to traditional paper-based mail. With the increasing cost of consumables like paper, toner, envelopes, and stamps, sending mail has become expensive and time-consuming.

PDM-Post Outgoing Hybrid Mail

Sending mail through PDM-Post is simple and convenient. You can upload letters to the PDM-Post portal in various formats such as PDF or Microsoft Word. You can upload a single letter or a batch of letters, and all postcodes are validated before mailing to ensure correct addressing. Once the letters are posted, you will receive verification, and a copy of each letter will be stored in the PDM-Post portal. You will also receive a notification if a letter is undelivered.

PDM-Post Incoming Mail

Our incoming mail service is ideal for businesses, especially if you work from home and want to keep your address private or if you spend time working away from the office. Your mail is collected from a private PO box and delivered to our secure production centre. We open hard copy mail, digitally capture the contents, and send them directly to your PDM-Post portal inbox. You can download mail from the portal and incorporate it into the system of your choice. Additionally, mail items can be sorted and named by date received, details of the sender, or individual recipient to meet your requirements.

The business benefits of PDM-Post

Using PDM-Post can help you save money by reducing the amount spent on consumables like paper, toner, and stamps, and free up staff time. With PDM-Post, you can send and receive mail from your desktop, which is both cost-effective and convenient. To find out more about how PDM-Post can help you make substantial savings, contact us at 01274 883459 or email

document scanning services from Pro-Doc

What is document scanning and how can it benefit your business?

Document scanning services use a type of technology which enables the digitisation of physical documents by converting them into digital formats. This technology is used by businesses, organisations, and individuals to store, share, and archive important documents. Document scanning services make it easier to share information and access documents from any location.

How does document scanning work?

Document scanning is the process of creating digital copies of physical documents. The physical document is first scanned with a scanner or specialised document scanner. The resulting digital file is then stored in a computer or other device. This digital version can be viewed and edited using a variety of software programs. Document scanning services can be used to scan a variety of documents in any size, including paper documents, photographs, books, magazines, letters, and more. Document scanning services offer several benefits.

What are the benefits of document scanning?

One of the most important benefits of document scanning is improved accessibility. Digital documents can be accessed from any computer or device with an internet connection, which makes them much easier to access than physical documents.

Digital documents can also be shared with other users much more quickly and easily than physical documents. Document scanning services also help to reduce storage costs. Physical documents require storage space, which can be expensive. Digital documents, on the other hand, can be stored on servers or in the cloud, which requires no physical space and can be accessed from anywhere. This reduces the amount of space needed for document storage and eliminates the need for filing cabinets and other physical storage solutions.

Document scanning services also improve the security of documents. Digital documents are much more secure than physical documents, as they can be protected with encryption and other security measures. This makes them much more difficult to access without authorisation. Digital documents can also be backed up regularly, which ensures that they are not lost in the event of a disaster.

Finally, document scanning services can save time. When physical documents are scanned, they can be quickly accessed and shared with other users. This eliminates the need to manually search for documents, which can be a time-consuming process. Overall, document scanning services are an invaluable tool for businesses, organisations, and individuals. They improve accessibility, reduce storage costs, improve security, and save time. By digitising physical documents, document scanning services make it easier to share and access important documents from any location.

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