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The software designed to make modern ways of working a PIQNIC

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past decade or so, especially since the recent pandemic which has accelerated trends such as working from home and digital document management. Alterations to our ways of working can prove to be incredibly beneficial to both a business and its staff alike, however a cohesive approach is need to ensure a successful end result.

PIQNIC is an innovative, beautifully designed single smart platform which brings together everything to deliver a modern approach to work. Combining everything from files, tasks, decisions and projects, through to teams and communications, PIQNIC is highly efficient work management and planning software. However, there’s one big difference between PIQNIC and similar types of software and that’ s secure document management.

How PIQNIC can help your business

PIQNIC helps businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes in a wide range of ways, including:

  • safeguarding and storing information whilst allowing instant access
  • there’s no need for multiple apps and software as everything is in one user-friendly place
  • PIQNIC offers a modern approach to work in a way that meets today’s challenges
  • reliance on distracting, time-consuming emails and meetings is reduced
  • all data, information and communications are fully secured
  • business management is easy and stress-free

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As a PIQNIC certified partner we happy to provide further information on this powerful software solution. To book a demo or to find out how PIQNIC could benefit your business, please get in touch.

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Smart working can help you save time and improve efficiency

Chances are that you’ve heard the term ‘smart working’ mentioned at some point over the last couple of years as it’s one of the latest sound bites used to describe a business-savvy approach to the workplace. The idea of smart working, in other words getting things done efficiently in as short a time as possible, came to prominence during lock downs during the pandemic when the majority of people were working from home. To give smart working a slightly more professional description, it’s often described as a strategic approach to flexible efficient working by making the most of modern technology to improve efficiency, cut costs and improve work-life balance.

Smart working sounds good, doesn’t it? At PDM we’re big fans of the idea and offer a range of document management solutions, designed to help you work smarter in order to streamline and improve the efficiency of your business. A badly organised, cluttered office, littered with mountains of unfiled paperwork is hardly conducive to smart working. If this sounds familiar and you’d like to change the way you work, improving your document management systems seems like a very good place to start!

Streamline the way you manage, store and share your data

Efficient document management and storage has the potential to transform your business; helping you improve efficiency and cut costs. Our services cover all aspects of document management such as:

  • Scanning services: if you have documents and records you need to access on a regular basis, document scanning provides a great alternative to having to store large volumes of paperwork. We’ll scan your documents – regardless of their age, type or size – converting them into an easily accessible format.

  • Data capture: not only do physical paper documents take up a great deal of space, they are extremely time-consuming to search – even if they are efficiently organised and stored. Once scanned and digitised, we can use a range of techniques to capture the data from files, ensuring they are easily accessible and that you can find the data when you need it.

  • Archive management: once documents have been scanned and the data capture, we can offer you a number of different options for accessing the information. We can provide your documents in a huge range of media types or in a secure online transfer, suitable for integration with an existing storage system. We also offer a range of document management and archive systems to suit all requirements; from basic free systems, through cloud-based systems.

Get in touch with PDM to find out how our document management services could help you work smarter

Taking a new approach to the way you manage, store and retrieve documents will save you time and money whilst helping you free up the amount of physical storage space you need. A cost-effective way to work smarter, our document management solutions are ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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