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Now’s the time to spring clean your approach to document management

Spring has arrived, bringing with it warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and longer days. It’s also the perfect time to tackle that ever-growing pile of paperwork and cluttered office space. But where do you begin? With so many documents and records to manage, it’s easy for paperwork to spiral out of control. That’s where document management solutions come in.

At PDM, we offer a range of cost-effective services to help businesses and organisations organise and manage their documents efficiently and effectively. By implementing a document management system, businesses can enjoy several benefits, including improved efficiency and workflow, increased space, and enhanced security.

Improved workflow and efficiency

By digitising documents, they can be found and accessed instantly by anyone who needs them. This saves significant amounts of time that would otherwise be spent searching through paperwork, and makes data sharing more efficient. In addition, document management systems can help automate business processes, reducing the time and effort required to complete routine tasks.

Increased space

Scanning and converting documents into digital files means they can be stored online in a safe, secure cloud storage system. This helps reduce the amount of physical storage space required, making for a better working environment. Document scanning is suitable for documents of all sizes and shapes, including legal documents, accounts, archives, and architectural plans.

Improved security

Storing documents online helps improve security, protecting against damage from fire, flood, or physical theft. With cloud storage, documents are accessible only to those with authorised access, providing enhanced data security and privacy.

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At PDM, we offer a range of document management services, including document scanning, data capture, and archive management. We also offer specialist services designed to meet the unique requirements of schools and legal businesses. Our team of experts can help you design and implement a document management system tailored to your specific needs.

So, don’t let paperwork take over your office this spring. Get in touch with PDM and discover the benefits of document management. Contact us today by calling 01274 883459 or emailing

document scanning services

Preserving historical documents: Solutions from PDM

Working with historical documents and archives presents unique challenges related to organisation and storage. At PDM, we provide a comprehensive suite of document management and storage services tailored to fit any requirement.

Digitalisation through Scanning

The first step in archive management is document scanning. Equipped with advanced scanning technology, PDM can process thousands of documents daily. Our scanners accommodate an extensive range of documents, from historical records and minuscule items like postage stamps to larger materials such as architectural plans.

Efficient Archive Management

After scanning, data from the documents is captured and prepared for digital storage. Digital documents occupy no physical space and can be easily searched, allowing for quick access to needed information.

We offer various document storage options using multiple media types. You can either integrate your documents into your existing system, or we can provide customized document management and archive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Digital document management delivers numerous benefits, particularly regarding security and efficiency. To learn more about how digital archive management can enhance your storage, access, and management of historical documents, contact us at 01272 883459 or email