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Managed document storage vs self storage facilities

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At PDM we are specialists in a wide range of document management solutions. As a leading document management specialist in Yorkshire, we often work with businesses who have used self-storage facilities to store paperwork including business-critical documents.

Whilst many businesses rely upon self-storage facilities to create additional office space or storage space when taking on additional members of staff, for example, it is important to be aware that self-storage does present a number of pitfalls when used long-term.

Firstly, what might be described as a ‘local’ self-storage facility is likely to be anything but. Many are located in out of town locations and business parks. This means you’ll have the additional expense and inconvenience of you, or your staff, having to travel to access the documents you require, or to add additional documents for storage. At best this is inconvenient but at worst can be disruptive and expensive.

Furthermore, as a result of GDPR regulations, organisations must be able to access information in a timely manner if a request for information is received. When documents are stored off-site in an external location, responding to requests in a time frame which complies with legislations could be challenging.

Managed document storage offers the best solution

As a result, successful, efficient document management can only be achieved by having instant access to the documents you need as soon as you need them. Also, you need reassurance that your essential documentation is fully secure and protected from theft or damage. This means that managed document storage offers the most efficient, cost-effective and secure solution.

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