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Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency with our Hybrid Mail Services

The world of work has changed beyond all recognition over the past decade or so and with teams dispersed across various locations, it’s essential to adopt smarter working methods. One significant challenge in this new working environment is the management of mail. PDM’s hybrid Mailroom Services are crafted to streamline the handling of both outgoing and incoming mail, making the process both efficient and cost-effective.

Outgoing Hybrid Mail Services

Sending mail couldn’t be easier with PDM Post! Utilise our PDM-Post portal to manage your mailings effortlessly. Users can upload letters in various formats, including Microsoft Word or PDF, whether individually or in bulk. In addition and for your peace of mind, our system ensures accuracy by validating all postcodes before dispatch. Confirmation of posting is provided through the PDM-Post portal, and users are notified if any mail is returned undelivered. Additionally, a copy of each letter is securely stored within the portal for your convenience.

Incoming Hybrid Mail Services

Managing incoming mail can be a significant hurdle, particularly when staff are based remotely. Our incoming mail service offers a streamlined, cost-effective solution. Mail is gathered from a dedicated PO box and transported to our secure production centre. Here, physical mail is opened, digitally captured, and then uploaded to your PDM-Post portal inbox. From there, it can be easily downloaded and integrated into your preferred system. We also offer custom sorting of mail items by date, sender details, or recipient, tailored to your specific needs.

Contact PDM for Enhanced Mailroom Solutions

Discover how PDM can revolutionise your mail handling processes, saving you time and reducing costs. To learn more or to start optimising your mail management, contact PDM at 01274 883459 or email info@pro-doc.co.uk. We’re here to help you simplify your mailroom operations.

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