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Are your office documents as protected as they could be?

Take stock of document storage systems

As we discussed in our last blog post, the new GDPR data protection regulations are looming and with this in mind, now is the ideal time to take stock of how you store your businesses’ documentation onsite.

The GDPR data protection regulations will be very significant for businesses of all shapes and sizes as the monetary penalties for failing to comply could be up to 4% of your global turnover or £20 million – whichever amount is greater.

Does your business store personal data?

The term ‘personal data’ applies to any confidential information which could be used to identify and individual such as their name, date of birth etc. ‘Sensitive data’ covers information on ethnicity or sexual preference, for example.

Is your data adequately protected?

Under existing Data Protection Act guidelines, businesses are obliged to ensure that data is stored safely and securely. However, the majority of modern offices are designed in an open-plan layout which can compromise the management, security and access of data. This can prove to be of particular issue for Human Resources departments and for any businesses who need to store confidential information on employees.

Document security health check

Carrying out a document security ‘health check’ is a good way to ensure everything is as secure as it could be, whilst reminding yourself and your employees of the importance of data protection. Things to think about include:

  • Where are paper documents currently stored e.g. desk drawers or filing cabinets?
  • Which members of staff have access to personal data?
  • Is their access controlled?
  • Are document storage areas locked at the end of each day?
  • Are records kept of who is accessing information and when?

Make the most of online document management systems

Probably the single most effective step you can take to improve the security of documentation and data is by switching to an online (cloud-based) document storage system. Documents are bulk scanned – this is a process which is suitable for all types of documents, from HR through to accounts and legal documents – before being stored electronically. Data can be accessed or shared at the touch of a button, providing you with the peace of mind that the information you need is secure but readily available.

Contact PDM to find out more

If you would like to find out more about document protection and storage, here at PDM we offer a range of services, designed to help businesses and organisations improve security, streamline systems and reduce costs. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Reduce costs and streamline your systems with our scanning services

Professional scanning services provided by Pro-Doc

If you need to be able to regularly access large volumes of paper documents or records, our scanning services offer an efficient solution and a great way to reduce the amount of physical storage space you need.

As you’re probably already aware, storing physical documents can prove to be extremely costly, whether you keep them on-site or use an archive service. Our scanning services offer a cost-effective alternative to physical archives, equivalent to just four years of physical archiving costs. We understand that there is now a legal obligation for businesses and organisations to retain documents for at least seven years for tax purposes and as such we believe that our scanning services offers an unbeatable alternative, helping you save time and free-up space.

How our scanning services work

We use state-of-the-art high-speed duplex colour scanners which have capability to scan more than 100,000 images each week. Once scanned, the digital images can be saved in a wide range of formats depending on your individual requirements, including PDF, TIFF and JPG.

We have the expertise to scan documents of all shapes and sizes; from postage stamp size, through to larger than A0 size, including architectural plans, archives, documents and books.

Contact PDM for details of our scanning services

If you would like to find out more about how our scanning services can help you save time and money whilst freeing up storage space, why not get in touch? We work with business and organisations throughout the North of England so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Specialist document storage solutions for schools and colleges

Document management systems from Pro-Doc

Schools and colleges have to cope with huge amounts of paperwork; from records of individual students through to invoices, staff details and financial documents. However, unlike many organisations, the secure and accurate capture of paperwork is of paramount importance for educational establishments.

According to safeguarding guidance published by the Department of Education in 2016, schools and colleges have a particular duty in terms of record keeping: “all concerns, discussions and decisions made and the reasons for those decisions should be recorded in writing.”

With this in mind, increasing numbers of schools and colleges now use a specialist software application designed to help monitor child protection, safeguarding and a wide range of pastoral and welfare issues which are stored centrally. This central storage ensures that the relevant people are alerted immediately to any possible issues, with reports on vulnerable pupils and groups of pupils produced at the touch of a button. Whilst this system works well, to close the loop existing paper records must be integrated into the system and this is where we can help.

Here at Pro-Doc we provide a complete data capture and document scanning service, designed to facilitate the transfer of paper documents into a simple to use, secure document archive and management system.

Contact Pro-Doc to find out more

We have more than 15 years of working with organisations of all shapes and sizes, offering secure and reliable scanning and digitisation services. Our systems have been thoroughly tested and audited to enable us to ensure the highest standards of security and confidentiality. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you transform your paper records into a digital record, ready to be incorporated into your safeguarding software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Save space, time and money with our document scanning services

Document scanning services in Leeds and Bradford

Here at Pro-Doc we provide a wide range of document scanning services, all designed to help our clients save time and money whilst improving efficiency.

Whether you have documents or records which you need to access regularly, or a looking for a way to free-up physical storage space, scanning can provide the ideal solution. Once scanned, documents can be converted into a digital format which is easy to access at an equivalent cost to four years of physical archiving.

Scanning services for documents of all shapes and sizes

Document scanning can be used to convert physical documents of almost any size, shape, age or quality into a digital format and is an ideal way to reduce the storage space required for architectural drawings, survey maps, legal documents, archives, personnel files, voices and historical records. Whether your documents are the size of postage stamps or in a book format, our powerful scanners make fast work of scanning documents, offering the capacity to scan up to 100,000 images each week. Once scanned, digital documents can be storage in a range of formats including PDF, JPG and TIFF, depending on your individual requirements.

Contact Pro-Doc for further information

We work with a wide range businesses and organisations, from construction companies and legal firms, through to schools colleges and universities. If you would like to talk to us to us about your requirements we’d love to help – why not get in touch to find out more about our document scanning services?

document scanning services

Are you making the most of document scanning?

Document scanning services designed to save time and money

It’s staggering to think that it’s possible for one DVD to hold almost 30 filing cabinet’s worth of information. If you’re struggling to cope with a mountain of paperwork and unfiled documents, our document scanning service offers an excellent way to free-up storage, improve workflows, save time and money.

The benefits of document scanning

First and foremost is the significant savings in storage space offered by scanning documents. We’ve worked with countless businesses that find it difficult to deal with a backlog of paperwork and are experiencing significant issues with finding enough storage space to keep it all. Document scanning solves these problems at a stroke by transforming paper documents and files into digital versions, ready to be accessed at the touch of a button.

This ease of access is the key to the time and money savings offered by document scanning. Rather than you, or your team, spending hours searching for an elusive piece of information, you’ll be able to use a keyword search to find what you need in seconds.

Many of our clients are surprised a just how much office space they manage to free up once they’ve switched to electronic document management. Instead of piles of paper and rows of filing cabinets, they’re able to see their office in a new light, finding room for much-needed new members of staff or to carry out core business activities.

Security is often a major concern for businesses who are considering making the switch to electronic document storage. Our scanning and storage services are safe and secure – all information is backed-up and safeguarded – offering you the reassurance that your valuable documentation is protected and ready to be accessed quickly.

Contact Pro-Doc for further information on our document scanning service

Document scanning offers a wide range of significant benefits, both in terms of time saving and reduced costs. We have many years of experience in providing safe and secure document scanning and management services so why not get in touch today for further information?

document scanning services from Pro-Doc

Document scanning can help you tackle that paperwork mountain

Document scanning services from Pro-Doc

Managing paperwork, documents and filing can take huge amounts of time, potentially distracting you from doing your job or running your business. However, by using one of our document scanning or management services, you could save yourself time and money whilst also improving efficiency.

Digital document scanning is a safe, secure and incredibly effective way of tackling document storage issues. Our expertise dates back many years and as such we’ve continuously invested time and resources into the latest hardware and software solutions to enable us to offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective scanning service.

We know that to be effective and efficient, document scanning services need to be designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients and so instead of asking you to change your processes, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that our document scanning service matches your requirements.

Flexible document scanning services designed to meet your unique requirements


We know that for our business clients time means money.  Our state-of-the-art high speed duplex colour scanners allow us to scan over 100,000 document pages each day – scanned documents which can then be returned to you in a range of different formats including TIFF, PDF, GIF and JPG.

Working closely with clients is central to what we do; understanding how your business works helps us to offer you the best possible service and to maximise any potential improvements that document scanning can bring to your business processes.  We assign our clients an individual point of contact as we feel that this is the best way to deliver our scanning service to the highest possible standards, ensuring the project is delivered on both time and within budget.

Thanks to our central location in Bradford, we are able to offer our reliable and efficient document scanning services to clients throughout West Yorkshire and the north of England.

Contact Pro-Doc for further information

If you would like more information on our range of document management and document scanning services, why not get in touch with one of our friendly team for further advice? Contacting Pro-Doc is easy: simply call 01274 883459.

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Data capture services to help you increase storage and improve efficiency

The advantages of making the move to digital document storage

Traditional form of document storage can pose real problems for businesses and organisations. Keeping large volumes of paperwork not only involves finding space to store it all, searching for individual documents or key pieces of information can prove problematic too. However, despite the difficulties of holding on to large volumes of paper documentation, when it comes to making the switch to a digital or virtual form of document storage, many businesses are concerned about the security of such a move. Here at Pro-Doc we know that the benefits of transferring data into a digital format far outweighs the minimal risks and with this in mind, we thought we’d explain what data capture is and how it could help you transform your business processes.

What is data capture?

Not only are paper documents difficult to store; they can also be very difficult to search – even those that are well organised! Data capture resolves these issues and the process starts with document scanning, followed by the digitisation of the documents. It is then possible to use a number of different approaches to capture the data from theses digital files, ensuring the information you need is easily accessible as and when you need it.

Data can be captured in varying levels of detail; you might, for example, simply need capturing, or it might be necessary to capture a number of different fields within documents. Capturing data in this way allows for efficient forward processing through a wide variety of business applications, including accounts processing for example.

There are occasions where the automatic recognition of the content of documents is difficult impossible and in situations such as these, our data keying bureau has the expertise to manually extract data to exceptionally high levels of accuracy. Manually keying in data, although it is a more time-consuming process, still means that you’ll be able to access the captured data in seconds.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Our data capture service includes full document optical character recognition which offers the facility to convert physical documents into a highly searchable format, providing you with accurate digital information you can rely upon. In addition, OCR also allows for previously paper documents to be turned into editable formats, converting your paperwork and archives into responsive, active documents.

Contact Pro-Doc on 01274 883459

We work with a wide range of businesses and organisations throughout Yorkshire, helping them transform the way they work through our data capture and document storage services. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you or to talk through your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Is shredding the best way to destroy out-of-date data?

Electronic document management systems from Pro-Doc

The answer to this question is no, not necessarily! Thanks to advances in the technology behind scanning and document management technology, there’s been a significant shift from our reliance on paper to regular use of electronic document storage. However, despite the fact that paper documentation can be lost or damaged, they can also be used if absolute proof is required. With this in mind, many businesses – especially those in the legal sector – find having an archive store of paper documentation extremely comforting and it’s this reliance upon paper which deters them from taking advantage of the wide range of document storage solutions available.

Granted the prospect of an entirely paperless office is still some way off, the move towards paperless document storage systems seems unstoppable. However, even in this new age of cloud storage and electronic filing, destroying paper documentation can feel very drastic, making many companies reluctant to move towards an entirely digital system.

Most paper documents are shred because they are no longer needed and with the intention of freeing up what is usually much needed storage space. However, there are documents to which the normal rules don’t apply and title deeds, tax documents, leases, wills etc. must be kept. On the other hand, there is a general misconception that this type of important documentation has to be stored in its original paper format but this is not the case. If digital documents are captured, stored and managed correctly, they are just as valid as their paper counterparts.

Solve storage problems and streamline processes

Moving to an electronic document management system is a sensible decision for several reasons. Not only does efficient document management mean so much than scanning and storing documents digitally, it also offers the capability to capture data to drive fully automated electronic processes. There’s no doubt that electronic document management is an excellent way to help solve problems of physical storage, it can also prove revolutionary when used as to track payments, for example, or to automatically approve a range of legal documents.

Contact Pro-Doc for further information

Whether you decide to move your business onto a cloud based storage solution, or to make use of a bulk scanning service, electronic document management is transforming from a state-of-the-art luxury to a business essential. To find out more about the benefits of electronic document management, or to talk through the best solutions for your business, why not get in touch with Pro-Doc today?

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Could your business benefit from document scanning?

Professional document scanning advice from Pro-Doc, the document management specialists

We’ve all been there; searching for an important piece of information that you know is hiding somewhere in an old document, only to end up spending hours searching through filing cabinets for an elusive folder that you’re certain you filed in the right place…. Or it might be that you know which information you need but can’t remember which of your vast collection of documents it stored in. It’s frustrating, time-consuming situations such as these which can be easily solved with the use of a document scanning service.

When carried out correctly a document scanning service has the potential to bring significant benefits to your business; helping you save time, streamline your systems and cut costs.

What does documents scanning mean?

Put simply document scanning (sometimes also known as document imaging) is the process of capturing a digital image of a paper document. This digital image can then be converted into a searchable, electronic image. In addition, digital images can also be processed using OCR (optical character recognition) software which turns these digital images into text documents which can be searched for keywords.

What’s does the document scanning process involve?

The term ‘document scanning’ is used to describe the entire scanning process, including scanning and then capturing the image using OCR software to identify words, before the digital file is stored securely, ready to be retrieved as and when it’s required. The document scanning process includes four main stages: input, identification, storage and retrieval.

Secure document storage and retrieval

Once paper documents have been scanned and digitized, it’s important they are stored safely and efficiently: this can be in an off-site storage/archive facility or the paper documents can be destroyed using a confidential waste disposal service and in line with data protection regulations.

Storage of the resulting digital documents must also be secure and efficient and it’s important to take into account how regularly the documents will need to be accessed as part of your business’s workflow.

Retrieval is the term used to describe the process of searching for the digital files, or specific information within a file, that you need. Once the information has been found, it can be delivered to your team in the most appropriate format for them.

The benefits of document scanning

Document scanning proves invaluable for the majority of businesses because it streamlines processes, workflows, storage and retrieval. Rather than hours wasted whilst spent searching for paper documents, document management is transformed into a simple and highly efficient process.

If you would like to find out more about how our document scanning services could help you save time and money we’d love to talk through the range of options available. Our services are suitable for business and organisations of all shapes and sizes so why not get in touch to find out more?


document management services

Could document scanning help you discover the hidden content in paper documents?

Digital document scanning offers an effective solution

It’s all too easy to get lost in data and when data is being quantified in petabytes and zettabytes, it can be very difficult to uncover the important information hidden behind huge numbers. Digital document scanning offers the solution but what’s the best way to make a start?

Huge amounts of data are still stored in the form of paper files and it’s unlikely that this information is being fully utilised. To start making sense of data on paper, these documents need to be scanned into a digital format so that information management solutions can be applied.

Alongside uncaptured documents, there’s often a wide range of unstructured or semi-structured data which can be found in a wide range of resources including: system logs, social media sites and call detail records.

Integrating paper documents into digital systems

However, effective document management in this age of digital transformation means so much more than working towards the goal of a paperless office. The data that’s held in paper documents must be integrated into business processes so that it doesn’t end up being overlooked, just as it did in its paper-based format.

So what can you do to unlock the undeveloped, potentially valuable mine of information your business is sitting on? Investing in the most effective tools, moving from decentralised to centralised scanning and streamlining your business processes using automated systems are all productive steps you can take.

Using the right tools and document scanning solutions will enable you to unlock information which might be hidden in digital and paper formats, helping you to understand and extract valuable insights from the contents, before delivering the correct information to the correct people at the right time.

However, whilst the right tools and solutions are undeniably important, businesses must also ensure that they implement best practices to help them get to grips with what can seem like an endless stream of important information and content hidden away in documents.

Making the most of document scanning solutions

The information stored in documents can depreciate quickly and the data contained inside is likely to have a ‘best before date’. With this in mind, it’s vital that the information is extracted as quickly as possible by transforming the document into a digital format.

Document scanning solutions can either be distributed or centralised and the most suitable option for your business will be determined by which fits best with your processes and existing infrastructure. Centralised document scanning involves documents being routed to a mailroom before they are digitised, classified and then forwarded into the relevant process or to an employee.

Distributed scanning is, in contrast, most suitable for organisations and businesses that have offices and employees who are scattered far and wide. Distributed scanning offers the capability to capture documents quickly, whilst improving security and reducing the cost of storage.

Document capture is just the start

Data capture is just the start of the data storage journey and the faster, securer and more accurately the data flows, the more effective the document scanning solution will be. To capture and then extract information in the quickest, most cost-effective way depends on your business choosing the most appropriate solution.

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Here at Pro-Doc we offer a range of document scanning solutions with options to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. To find out more about how we can help you streamline your business processes and reduce document storage costs, why not get in touch today?