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Legal document copying and archive services designed to help you save time and money

Specialist document management services for legal firms Many law firms spend significant amounts of time and money copying legal documents – costs which they are often unable to recoup when charging fees for a case.  Here at Pro-Doc we provide a range of specialist services designed for legal firms, designed to offer an efficient way […]

Data capture services to help you increase storage and improve efficiency

The advantages of making the move to digital document storage Traditional form of document storage can pose real problems for businesses and organisations. Keeping large volumes of paperwork not only involves finding space to store it all, searching for individual documents or key pieces of information can prove problematic too. However, despite the difficulties of […]

What’s the best way to manage legal documents?

Document management advice from Pro-Doc Whilst electronic document management offers significant benefits for legal firms, making the move from paper to digital still presents a huge leap of faith for many companies. In the not so distant past, the management of legal documentation of meant managing paper, back in the time when ‘cloud’ meant something […]

Is shredding the best way to destroy out-of-date data?

Electronic document management systems from Pro-Doc The answer to this question is no, not necessarily! Thanks to advances in the technology behind scanning and document management technology, there’s been a significant shift from our reliance on paper to regular use of electronic document storage. However, despite the fact that paper documentation can be lost or […]

Secure document management services from Pro-Doc

Document management services designed to help you maximise your business’s potential Today’s business world is highly competitive and with this in mind it’s vital that you’re able to store your documents somewhere that is safe and secure whilst allowing instant access. This is where Pro-Doc come in by offering a range of efficient professional document […]

Online document management solutions provide secure data storage for the future

Document management solutions designed improve efficiency and reduce storage costs Sometimes it seems as though the world of work is changing at breakneck speed and thanks to rapid developments in document management technology, there’s now a very real possibility that the prospect of a paperless office could move from science fiction to reality during the […]

How data capture could help your business

What is data capture? Data capture is a process which is designed to capture and extract the data from electronic files and paper documents, allowing you to search or share information at the touch of a button, helping to streamline business processes, free up time and reduce storage space. How does data capture work? Before […]

Is it time to step away from the printer?

Document management services from Pro-Doc As regular readers of our blog will know, it’s our aim to provide businesses with advice on how to transform their systems and cut costs by using a document management system. Although many companies are fully committed to moving to digital systems, it’s interesting to speculate on why many people […]

The pros and cons of traditional vs cloud storage

Could your business benefit from secure cloud document storage Although many businesses are increasingly relying on cloud storage, it’s interesting to speculate on the advantages (and disadvantages) that this form of storage can offer. Incredible amounts of data are generated by businesses on a daily basis and this means that many organisations have to choose […]

Could your business benefit from document scanning?

Professional document scanning advice from Pro-Doc, the document management specialists We’ve all been there; searching for an important piece of information that you know is hiding somewhere in an old document, only to end up spending hours searching through filing cabinets for an elusive folder that you’re certain you filed in the right place…. Or […]