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Reduce costs and streamline your systems with our scanning services

Professional scanning services provided by Pro-Doc If you need to be able to regularly access large volumes of paper documents or records, our scanning services offer an efficient solution and a great way to reduce the amount of physical storage space you need. As you’re probably already aware, storing physical documents can prove to be […]

Specialist document storage solutions for schools and colleges

Document management systems from Pro-Doc Schools and colleges have to cope with huge amounts of paperwork; from records of individual students through to invoices, staff details and financial documents. However, unlike many organisations, the secure and accurate capture of paperwork is of paramount importance for educational establishments. According to safeguarding guidance published by the Department […]

Find the information you need with our data capture service

Data capture services from Pro-Doc Not only do physical paper documents take up huge amounts of storage space, it can also be very difficult to search through them to find the information you need. Even the most well organised, orderly office will, at some point, have struggled to track down a crucial piece of paperwork! […]

Is electronic document management right for your business?

If you’re interested in storing information in one central place, saving time and money, then the answer will be yes, electronic document management is right for your business! There is sometimes a misconception that electronic document management is the preserve of big corporations, however over recent years it something which is increasingly being used by […]

Are you making the most of document scanning?

Document scanning services designed to save time and money It’s staggering to think that it’s possible for one DVD to hold almost 30 filing cabinet’s worth of information. If you’re struggling to cope with a mountain of paperwork and unfiled documents, our document scanning service offers an excellent way to free-up storage, improve workflows, save […]

Document scanning can help you tackle that paperwork mountain

Document scanning services from Pro-Doc Managing paperwork, documents and filing can take huge amounts of time, potentially distracting you from doing your job or running your business. However, by using one of our document scanning or management services, you could save yourself time and money whilst also improving efficiency. Digital document scanning is a safe, […]

The latest trends in document management

Using electronic document storage can help save you time and money Investing in document management systems whilst reducing reliance upon paper has long been seen as goal for UK businesses and organisations. Although the benefits of electronic document management systems are widely recognised, a surprising number of businesses are still failing to recognise and embrace […]

Legal document copying and archive services designed to help you save time and money

Specialist document management services for legal firms Many law firms spend significant amounts of time and money copying legal documents – costs which they are often unable to recoup when charging fees for a case.  Here at Pro-Doc we provide a range of specialist services designed for legal firms, designed to offer an efficient way […]