archive management

Cost effective solutions for the management and storage of historical documents

Document management solutions from PDM

If you work with historical documents or archives, you’ll be well aware of the challenges that managing and storing this type of documentation can often present. Here at PDM we are experts in all types of document management, offering a wide range of management and storage services, with options to suit all requirements.

Document scanning

Archive management starts begins document scanning. At PDM we have a range of high quality scanning equipment with the capability to safely scan thousands of documents per day. The majority of documents are suitable for scanning; from historical records through to tiny items the size of postage stamps, up to large documents such as architectural plans.

Archive management

Once documents have been scanned, the data from them can be captured, ready to be digitally stored. Digital documents don’t take up any physical storage space and can be searched at the touch of a button to find the information you need quickly and easily.

We offer a range of document storage options in a selection of media types. Documents can be either managed within your own existing system, or alternatively we are able to offer a range of document management and archive systems designed to be tailored to meet your requirements.

Contact PDM to find out more

Digital document management offers a number of advantages, not least in terms security and efficiency. If you would like to find out how digital archive management could help you improve the way you store, access and manage historical documents, get in touch with us by calling 01272 883459 or email

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