The benefits of data capture for your business

What is data capture?

Data capture is simply an electronic process which is designed to capture and then extract the data from paper and digital documents documents. Once the process is complete, data capture offers the capability to search or share information at the touch of a button. As a result, increasing numbers of businesses are using data capture to help them streamline business processes, free up time and reduce physical storage space.

Before the data can be extracted, paper documents have to be scanned and converted into a digital format. Scanning is quick and efficient and we use powerful scanners which have the capability to scan many thousands of documents in just one day. Regardless of the age, size or type, almost any document can be scanned; from legal documents and invoices, through to architectural drawings and even historical artefacts.

Once scanned, documents can be quickly converted into the digital format you require, with the most commonly used being HTML and PDF file formats. Optical character recognition – OCR – is then used to convert the scanned version of a document into a fully searchable format.

Can any data be captured?

The answer to this is yes. OCR allows for the conversion of most types of printed text, regardless of how the page has been laid out or how the text is placed upon the page. OCR produces incredibly accurate results and once a document has been converted, you’ll be able to share its data quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) offers a way to take the data capture process even further. Designed to interpret and capture handwritten text; this incredibly powerful software has the ability to interpret handwriting of any size or style from purely handwritten documents or documents with a combination of handwriting and typed text. As with OCR, ICR offers an exceptionally useful way to capture, search and share data from written records, archives and historical documents.

Using data capture to free up storage space

One of the biggest benefits of data capture is the reduction in physical storage space needed for paper documents. Once documents have been scanned, a wide range of online document storage solutions are available, offering safe, secure storage. Designed to help you streamline your business processes and free up valuable storage space, storing documents electronically, rather than in a traditional filing cabinet (or a pile on your desk!) has the potential to revolutionise the way you work and run your business.

Online data storage facilities are actually pretty simple and once the original, paper versions of your documents have been scanned, the digital versions are stored electronically, ready to be accessed as and when you need them. It’s even possible to request copies of the original, paper documents, or to have the paper versions shredded, all at the touch of a button.

Data capture solutions from Pro-Doc

To find out more about the benefits of data capture for your business, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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