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Digital document management helps businesses meet social distancing requirements

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Moving from a paper-based document management system to a digital one has long offered a wide range of benefits; including cost-savings and increased efficiency. Digital document management also provides a highly-effective way to reduce the amount of physical space required to store paper files and it is these space saving benefits which are helping many businesses meet social distancing requirements.

Digital documents help with a new way of working

Many businesses are preparing to come back to work following months of staff working from home or being furloughed. Finding new ways of working is essential if enough space is to be allowed to meet safe working practices and the social distancing regulations required to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

How closely people have to sit together will be a crucial factor and is likely to govern office planning models in the future. This means that if people are to go back to work safely, office layouts will have to be reviewed to ensure that measures such as 2 metre distancing, screens or even back-to-back working are put into place.

Whilst some businesses have plenty of additional unused space at their disposal, many are not so lucky and are facing the stress and upheaval which comes with finding sufficient room for everyone to work safely. This is where digital document management can prove extremely useful and by transferring paper files and documents into digital versions, designed to be stored in the cloud, huge amounts of floor space can be made available.

Not only does digital document management offer a great way to create much needed space, it can also help you develop a more flexible working environment for your staff. Staggered start times or alternate working days in the office become possible as staff are able to access work files from home. In addition, information sharing is instant and straightforward, helping to improve efficiency regardless of how far apart your teams might be.

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