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Working from home: a temporary solution or long-term reality?

Document management systems designed to help your business cope with the new way of working

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of people are now working from home. This has meant that many businesses have had to make rapid and significant changes to the way they operate. Home working requires increased remote collaboration and to be successful, team members must be able to have the information they need without having access to the office filing cabinet!

Here at PDM we offer a wide range of document management solutions, designed to help you and your team work efficiently whilst away from the office, ensuring your business stays efficient and reacts effectively to this new way of working.

These are just some of the ways that moving to an electronic document management system could benefit your business; not just during the current lock down but also for the years ahead:

  • Share, send and receive documents, files and information at the touch of a button. Once documents have been scanned, we can covert them into a format that works for you. All types of documents can be scanned, from invoices and purchase orders, through to legal paperwork, architectural plans and historical archives.
  • Collaboration and efficiency are vastly improved as staff spend less time looking for the information they need, freeing up their time and enabling them to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • Space is saved as many thousands of documents can be stored digitally, helping you free up valuable storage space and save money on costs.
  • Online document storage is a safe and secure, ensuring your business-critical documents are protected from theft or risk of loss and damage.

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It looks as though many of us could be working from home for some time to come. To find out how our document management solutions can help your business cope with the challenging times ahead, get in touch with us by calling 01274 883459 or email

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