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How to save money scanning documents

It’s 2019 and businesses are still using filing cabinets to store paper files. Is your office wasting resources and money by relying on paper files? According to reports the average office uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, with 6,800 being wasted. Do you want to save money and resources and even data by letting go of paper documents? Here’s a list on how your business can benefit from doing just that;

  •  Scanning documents can help preserve your data

Scanning your documents can be a lot safer for your business because paper can be very easily damaged. Paper degrades over time and important information can be lost, not to mention if paper isn’t laminated, which it often isn’t in an office environment,it can be easily torn or water damaged which will cause data to be lost. 

 Not only is paper easily damaged, paper can be lost or misplaced. The last thing you need in a business environment is an important document being misplaced. This can be easily avoided by scanning your documents. An entire filing cabinet can virtually 0be stored in your pocket using a thumb drive or via a cloud service. By committing to keeping your documents digital you could then eliminate the need for filing cabinets, which in turn can create more space and room for productivity i.e; new workers. 

 Scanning documents can help protect your data

Using paper to store important and sensitive files for your business can be a very dangerous practice. Paper is an open document that anyone can lay their eyes on, and as a business you could have sensitive information that can’t be seen by just anyone. Scanning your documents and having them on a thumbdrive or a secure online cloud service can allow you to password protect your files.

  • Easier and more convenient collaborating with co-workers

Scanning documents and converting them into digital files, makes collaborating with co- workers a much more efficient and effective process.

You don’t need to worry about whether or not you can read each other’s handwriting. Also when collaborating digitally it’s usually a lot more neater and much more of a nicer experience rather than doing it on paper.

  • Environmentally friendly

Using paper in the office is very wasteful, and it’s very harmful to the environment. Reports say each person in the UK consumes about 4.3 trees per year,also global consumption of paper has increased by almost half since 1980. This is astounding because the issue is very easy to tackle with little to no downside. 

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In conclusion scanning all your documents and using them digitally is a very simple transition.If you want to save money and do your part for the environment, this is a good way of doing so. As established before there is little downside to working with digital documents.


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