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What is an enterprise document management system?

Enterprise document management systems offer an effective, secure solution

Enterprise document management system (edms) is basically a system which is designed to oversee the electronic and paper documents used by an organisation, ensuring that they can be easily retrieved as soon as they are required.  The term edms was originally used to refer to paper documents which had been scanned into a digital format or electronic documents which had been created using a computer. Edms has now been broadened and can include multimedia, instant messages, emails and PowerPoint presentations.

To ensure regulatory compliance, an edms system must ensure that a range of issues are addressed; including how long documents should be kept and where they should be stored and how documents will be recovered in the event of a disaster.

Document storage solutions from Pro-Doc

Here at Pro-Doc we offer a range of document management solutions, with options to suit businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. By using one of our easily accessible and searchable storage facilities, we can help you make significant improvements to your existing document storage systems. Modern edms systems mean that the storage, display and security of all types of document is far more efficient and can help you streamline your systems and improve efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you improve the way you manage your documents, please get in touch by calling 01274 883459 to talk through your requirements.

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