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Specialist services for scanning legal documents

Scanning services designed for law firms

Here at Pro-Doc our range of document storage and management services includes a scanning service, specially designed for the scanning of legal documents.

For many law firms the costs associated with copying legal documents are significant and are not recovered. This can be for a range of reasons; including documents which are unnecessarily reproduced or that the resources used are difficult and time-consuming to quantify.

However, by using our legal scanning services legal firms can ensure that copying costs are fully and accurately recorded, enabling them to fully recover these costs. In addition, using our scanning services offers a range of additional benefits including increased office space, more effective use of staff time and a reduction in the number of paper documents stored in the office.

We take original documents before scanning them and converting them, if required, into digital files designed to be integrated into an existing document management system. We provide systems to ensure that information stored electronically is securely stored, providing our clients with cost effective, efficient solutions to ensure legal admissibility.

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The ideal way to recoup the costs associated with scanning legal documents whilst reducing your reliance on a paper filing system, our legal scanning services can help you save money and improve efficiency.

We offer a wide range of services designed to provide effective services for a range of sectors, from the secure storage of medical records, through to document storage for schools and colleges.

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