bulk document scanning

Bulk scanning designed to transform the way you manage documents

Bulk scanning solutions provided by PDM

Designed to provide a cost-effective approach to turning paper documents into scanned images, our state of the art scanning system offers an efficient and secure way to store high volumes of information.

Why document scanning?

Paper documents can take up huge amounts of space whilst being time-consuming to search through and hard to access. Document scanning offers a cost-effective alternative and can help you improve data security, cut costs and enhance efficiency.

We offer a range of bulk document scanning services designed to convert paper documents into high quality digital files. The majority of documents are suitable for scanning; from architectural plans and historical archives, through to HR records, finance documents and legal paperwork.

The scanning process

So how do we transform paper documents into scanned documents? Unlike the office scanners you might have come across before, our scanning bureau is fully equipped with high speed duplex colour scanners which have the capacity to scan more than 100,00 images per week.

We’ll begin by collecting your documents ready for scanning and are able to san anything from paper sizes up to drawings larger than A0 sizes. We can also scan microfilm, microfiche or books if required. Once scanned, your documents can be saved in the digital format of your choice, including TIFF, PDF and JPG.

Scanned documents are fully searchable and once the scanning process is complete, we can use a range of techniques to capture the information stored within them. Data can capture data in the level of data you need; whether you only need document titles or multiple fields within documents. Designed to offer bespoke solutions for businesses and organisations of all types, we work with schools, colleges, legal firms and more to provide tailor made data capture solutions.

Digital documents can then be easily integrated into a cloud storage document management system, securely stored and ready to be accessed as and when you need them. Not only does this help free up valuable physical storage space, it also helps to ensure that you meet your legal obligations to store documents for at least seven years for tax purposes.

Contact PDM to find out more

Here at PDM we have years of experience in providing our clients with cost-effective secure document storage and management solutions. Whether you have a million documents or just one filing cabinet fully, we’ll work closely with you to create a solution which saves you time and money whilst helping to improve efficiency.

Contacting PDM is easy; simply call 01274 883459 or email info@pro-doc.co.uk

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