Why is Professional Document Management the perfect partner for your paper efficient office?

Because we provide an expert professional document scanning service, and our clients know that they can trust us with their highly valued documents, privacy, deadlines along with the production of quality digital images.


So, what is the benefit to my organisation?

The cost of Premium Office Space

All those full shelves and filing cabinets of archived paperwork occupy valuable and expensive office space. Scanning returns this space so it can be used more productively.

Wasted time of manual Document Retrieval

No more trips to the filing room in the hope of finding specific documents.

The accurate indexing of digital files alongside the use of OCR, means that documents can be found quickly. They can be searched by document title or using a keyword search meaning you can retrieve what you need when you need it, quickly and efficiently.

Data Protection

Data protection is of the upmost importance and our systems are GDPR compliant.

Our scanning service is fully compliant to BIP 0009:2008 Scanning Standards.

All data transfers across the web are end to end encrypted and where media is provided, it is in a robust encrypted format.

Disaster Recovery

Our scanning service allows you to manage risk.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable does happen and the storing of hard copy documents leaves them at risk of getting irreplaceably damaged due to damp, flood and fire.

Scanning ensures that your documents and the valuable information they hold are protected.

Why Outsource with PDM?

All businesses need to ensure that their staff members are being used to get the best results from their skill set.

Without substantial investment in the appropriate equipment, systems, software and trained operatives, it is a waste of company time and money using well-paid staff from existing departments to scan documents.

Using our comprehensive document scanning service takes care of the whole process…

We collect, prepare and scan the documents.

We check each image for quality.

We name the digital files accurately to your specifications.

We return the digital files in real time using our secure web facility or by encrypted media.

Finally, we securely destroy the original documents or return them.

All scanning is completed within agreed time frames.

Outsourcing your paper archive will allow your staff to avoid the frustration of battling with unsuitable equipment and unrealistic timescales. They can focus on the tasks they are employed and trained to do.

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