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Survey highlights the risks of paper-based document management

Does your business still rely upon paper?

According to a recent survey carried out by M-Files, the extent to which many businesses still rely on paper documents and paper-based processes has been revealed. The survey shows that 81% of employees are still printing at least one paper document every day and that just under 30% have read a confidential document they shouldn’t have had access to because it had been left lying around the office.

The study also found that around 58% of all paper documents are left in their paper form in filing cabinets or on desks, whilst just over half of the organisations surveyed still rely upon paper-based processes for documents which require a signature before approval. In addition, whilst 38% of those who took part in the survey admitted that they had misplaced or lost at least a couple of paper documents a couple of times each month; this number is likely to be higher as 62% answered by saying that they didn’t know.

This survey further highlights what we regularly find – that many businesses and organisations still rely on paper-based document management. At the very least this leads to inefficiency and can easily spiral into a reduction in productivity and ultimately at decrease in revenue. Using an electronic document management system and secure file sharing system such as Egnyte, can help you take your business to the next level, giving you the competitive edge on businesses which still rely upon paper documents, files and folders.

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Here at Pro-Doc we provide a range of specialist services, designed to help businesses and organisations reduce their reliance upon paper. Our services include document scanning services, data capture and archive management and if you would like to find out more, or to talk through your requirements, we’d be delighted to help.

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