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Is it time to step away from the printer?

Document management services from Pro-Doc

As regular readers of our blog will know, it’s our aim to provide businesses with advice on how to transform their systems and cut costs by using a document management system. Although many companies are fully committed to moving to digital systems, it’s interesting to speculate on why many people are still dependent on paper to do their jobs.

Relying on paper is insecure and inefficient

Many offices still like to give their printer a work-out on a daily basis whilst the majority still rely upon outdated, inefficient paper processes to agreements, contracts and any documents which require a signature for approval. Not only is relying on paper an expensive, inefficient way to manage documents, the risk of leaving something important ‘lying around’ poses questions about confidentiality.

Tackle paperwork and reduce storage

However, many of the businesses we work with have made significant strides in reducing their paper usage by making using of our document management services. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and our document management services could help you tackle that paperwork mountain, reduce storage and printing costs, improve security and confidentiality or increase efficiency and improve workflows.

Contact us for information on how our document management services could help your business

Document scanning is one of the most effective ways to safely and securely deal with document storage issues, whilst archive management overcomes storage issues whilst allowing you to access data as and when you need it. If you would like to find out more or discuss your requirements, we’d be delighted to help – why not get in touch by calling Pro-Doc on 01274 883459?

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